11 Jun 2018
Peter Rowand
Marketing and Business Development

Helm CONNECT 1.9

Hey everyone,

I’m Rachel Aylard, Product Manager for Helm CONNECT Personnel, and I’m excited to introduce you to the latest release of Helm CONNECT! If you missed what happened in our last release, you can learn more about it here.


Helm CONNECT version 1.9 is coming your way fast. As always, we’re excited to share our latest release with you because it’s packed with improvements based directly on your suggestions and feedback (check out the release notes for all the details). But we’re especially proud of this release because we’re launching a brand new product: Helm CONNECT Personnel!


We built Helm CONNECT Personnel to streamline crew scheduling and payroll and reduce the workload of crew dispatchers and payroll clerks. With Helm CONNECT Personnel, you can easily schedule your crews, manage crew changes, and generate payroll so you can pay your crew accurately and on time.  Helm CONNECT Personnel’s three new modules—Crew Scheduling, Crew Changes, and Payroll—build seamlessly onto our existing People Tracking module, which helps you ensure your crew’s training and certifications are up-to-date and you’re ready to prove compliance at any time.


Let’s take a closer look at the two modules we’re rolling out in this release: Crew Scheduling and Crew Changes.


Crew Scheduling


Crew Scheduler

Crew Scheduling makes it easy to plan your crew schedules, review crew changes submitted by your fleet, and approve or adjust days worked as needed. With Crew Scheduling, you can quickly build crew schedules based on the specific manning requirements for your assets, easily determine which crew are certified to work, and even automatically notify crew by email each time you create or adjust their schedules.

Crew Changes



With Crew Changes, you can quickly and easily log crew changes from your assets, view crew certifications, and report on sea time for your crew. Your crew can log and submit both scheduled or emergency crew changes right from your assets and easily verify that each crew member’s certifications are up-to-date prior to crewing them onboard. Crew Changes also simplifies time sheet management by helping you track shift changes and record any and all time worked, right down to the type of work and the associated pay code or cost center.


What’s next? We’ll be rolling out the Payroll module for Helm CONNECT Personnel in our next release. We designed Payroll based on input from users like you to create an intuitive payroll engine specifically for the marine industry. Our payroll engine is really powerful.  In fact, we think it’s going to change the way many marine companies handle crew payroll!


Our next release will also include some major enhancements for Helm CONNECT Maintenance, Helm CONNECT Compliance, and Helm CONNECT Jobs, which we’ll tell you about soon!


Ready to see more? Reach out to your account managers! They’d be happy to answer all your questions and set you up with a demo.


To see what’s happening in Helm CONNECT 1.10, check out this post, and to see the latest updates to Helm CONNECT Personnel, click here. Happy Helm-ing!