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The Helm CONNECT Integration Portugs Used to Maximize Billing Revenue

In July 2020, Portugs began using an integration between Helm CONNECT and their email client to send order confirmation emails automatically once jobs are scheduled. This change has dramatically reduced errors, allowing them to maximize their billing revenue. 

What’s new in Helm CONNECT 1.20?

Helm CONNECT 1.20 is here! As part of this release we’ll be launching Work Rest, a new Helm CONNECT Personnel feature designed to help you record the work, travel, on watch, and rest periods of your crew. Check out our release blog for all the details!

Tiller Technical and Helm Operations Launch Expansion in Australian Ports

We are excited to announce that we have officially partnered with Tiller Technical to help companies in Australia and New Zealand modernize, digitalize, and streamline their operations with Helm CONNECT! Check out this post to learn more about the partnership.

Meet Work Rest!

Helm CONNECT Personnel 2.0 is coming, and the first improvement we’re releasing is Work Rest, a set of tools to help you manage your crew’s fatigue. Check out this blog post to learn all about it!

Meet Dashboards for Maintenance and Compliance

Reduce downtime, prove compliance, and manage your operations better than ever using Helm CONNECT Dashboards. 

Looking for a solution for Subchapter M?

We work with the best in the industry through our Helm Official Partner program to offer complete Subchapter M solutions.

What is Helm CONNECT?

Helm CONNECT is the workboat industry’s fastest growing maritime software platform, with more than 200 customers serving some 4000 vessels worldwide. Whether it is managing safety and compliance, maintenance, personnel, inventory, billing, or jobs, Helm CONNECT gives you the information you need to do your job more efficiently.

Our Solutions



Mitigate unplanned breakdowns and know what’s going on with your maintenance across your entire fleet.



Stay compliant with all your audits and regulations.



Certifications, scheduling, and payroll made easy.



Improve your bottom line through better dispatch, improved utilization, and streamlined billing.

Trusted by maritime companies

around the world

Take Their Word For It


John Parrott, CEO, Foss Maritime


“At Foss, we’re constantly looking at new ways to improve our business. Helm CONNECT is a great fit for us; it offers an integrated software solution but also acts as a partner in managing our wide variety of vessels and operations. Our goal is always to find ways to best support our staff and crews in the field. Helm CONNECT is another way for us to better provide the tools and information that are necessary to safe and efficient operations. It has long been our mission to deliver to our customers marine services without equal – and Helm CONNECT helps us to do just that.”

Blue Harvest Fisheries logo

Gene Bergson, Executive Vice President, Blue Harvest Fleet and Marine Services


“We were hesitant to purchase Helm because it was something new, something completely different for us. However, using Helm CONNECT has forced us into better practices. We now have written inventory of all our moving parts. Before this was kept in a few key people’s heads. With that information readily available to all who need it, we can time preventative maintenance better and better forecast budget for repairs and maintenance. Money gets allocated, and things don’t fall between the cracks.”


Harbor Docking and Towing logo

John Buchanan, President, Harbor Docking and Towing


“Harbor Docking and Towing purposely keeps our management overhead as low as possible to hold down customer costs. By incorporating Helm CONNECT, we have been able to improve efficiencies across our entire operation. Helm’s ease of use, intuitive design, and configurable features makes it perfect for any size company looking for a comprehensive IT solution.”

Curtin Maritime

Joshua Vanasse, Assistant Engineer, Curtin Maritime


“We chose Helm CONNECT because we were unhappy with our current system and Helm seemed more streamlined and user friendly for both vessel crew and office staff. Additionally it seemed the Helm crew was very helpful and updates were plentiful.”

Magnolia Fleet LLC

John Stewart, Vice President, Magnolia Fleet


“We switched over to Helm because it is the most user friendly vessel operations software program I have come across and I think we have demoed or used in combination all of them. My idea is if someone like myself, who is pretty good with excel spreadsheets, has problems with other competitors’ software, how the heck is a deckhand, tankerman, or wheel man going to figure it out? The answer is they are not and they are not going to use it. It’s got to work and be simple and easy for these guys to use. We also chose Helm because they seem to have the best support.”

Our Blog

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Goodbye 2020, Hello Helm 2.0.

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