Technical Documents

Technical Documents take a deep dive into specific details for setting up and running Helm CONNECT, and provide all the facts and figures you need to know, such as:

  • The frameworks Helm CONNECT is built on
  • What we use to secure, back up and recover your data
  • Minimum (& recommended) software and hardware requirements 
  • How you can integrate Helm CONNECT with other systems via webhooks or our API
  • And more…
Technical Documents

Local Asset Installations

Helm CONNECT gives users the freedom to continue working even when disconnected from shoreside internet by using local asset installations. To learn more about the minimum specifications needed onboard for this, checkout this document.

On-Premise Deployments

Helm CONNECT is typically deployed in our Amazon Web Service environment, however, we do give our customers the flexibility to host their Helm CONNECT environment on their own IT infrastructure too. Check out this document to learn more about the minimum specifications needed for this.

Data Security and Availability

At Helm Operations, we make one thing clear: your data is important. Using the best standards in IT security, we constantly work to ensure that your data is protected and always available to you, no matter the situation.


When it comes to hosting Helm CONNECT, you have options. From multi-tenant hosting to different levels of private stack hosting on Amazon Web Services, or even your own on premise hosting, there is an option for everyone. Read on to learn more about these hosting types and which is best suited for your business.


We designed Helm CONNECT to make it easy for you to integrate with the systems you use daily. Check out this document to learn more about your options.

Technical Architecture

Read the general overview of the technical architecture of Helm CONNECT, including hosting, integrations, security, and data.

The Implementation Process

So you’ve just signed your Helm CONNECT contract. What happens next? Check out this document to learn more about what your implementation will look like.

Type Approval Certification

Helm CONNECT complies with the class societies rules for computerized Maintenance management systems and is suitable for use on classed vessels as a machinery planned maintenance system (MPMS).

Helm CONNECT can now be integrated with DNV’s Maintenance Machinery Connect (MMC) service which allows vessels to undergo surveys remotely based on machinery data available in Helm CONNECT.


At Helm Operations, we want you to be successful. That’s why our dedicated Support Team is always here for you and ready to help when you need it most. Read on to learn more about hours, languages, and processes.

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