Helm CONNECT Maintenance


Easily manage fleet maintenance and give transparency to your organizations to mitigate breakdowns and downtime.

Helm CONNECT Maintenance
Maintenance Tasks
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Quickly and easily create tasks for your crew.

  • Assign tasks to individuals on your assets or on shore.
  • Set up email notifications to alert individuals when they’ve been assigned work.
  • Attach images and documents for your crew to reference.
  • Monitor every task and see what is open, closed, coming due, and overdue.
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Planned Maintenance

Manage all of your recurring maintenance routines and track them through completion.

  • Create maintenance schedules based on calendar dates, running hours, fuel burn, or your own custom metrics.
  • Centrally manage your maintenance routines and publish updates to your fleet instantly. 
  • Automatically create tasks from deficiencies found during inspections or maintenance routines.
  • Track and report on overdue items to ensure your crews are staying compliant.
Planned Maintenance
Inventory Maintenance
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Track inventory across your assets, manage part usage, and simplify request tracking.

  • Manage inventories in warehouses and on your assets.
  • Track part usage on tasks and maintenance routines.
  • Automatically generate requisitions based on inventory levels.
  • Transfer components between assets and warehouses.
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Manage requests for parts for your assets.

  • Easily create and manage requests for parts and services.
  • Monitor the status of requisitions and deliveries to vessels.
  • Track and report on costs for parts and services.
  • Integrate with purchasing systems or ERPs for full control of your entire purchasing process.
Maintenance Requisition
Maintenance Dashboard
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Maintenance Dashboard

Reduce downtime, improve utilization, optimize spending, and manage your operations better than ever.

  • Track each asset and crew by percentage of items completed on time and compare it against your own thresholds or year over year metrics.
  • Monitor individual requisitions and part requests against your budgets to identify where you can cut or optimize costs. 
  • Identify alerts, out of spec readings, and overdue tasks on critical components across your fleet. 
  • Accurately forecast upcoming maintenance across your fleet. Plan for upcoming work with predictive date forecasting.
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Become a Helm CONNECT Certified Administrator

  • We’ll help you, or your team, become a Helm Certified Administrator at an amazing value! With a great introductory offer program, we’ll get you get fully operational with Helm CONNECT Maintenance Certification.
Helm CONNECT Dashboard
  • Easy log entry designed for crew. Log vessel activities quickly and easily with a product made for minimum clicks.
  • Instant transparency between vessel and shore. Track crew onboard, upcoming work, and ongoing activities as they happen all in real time.
  • Print and export logs instantly. Quickly print and export logs for charterers and other stakeholders at any time and in your custom formats.
“My favorite thing about Helm CONNECT is its ease of use both shore side and with our vessel crews. It’s a very intuitive program that is user friendly, easy to learn, and easy to maintain. It also helps us make sure we have all the information available for our crews and maintenance team to perform our repairs and keep our vessels running.”
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Ray Richmond,
SCF Marine

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