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Increase profitability with centrally managed contracts and tariffs, streamlined dispatching, and automated invoicing.

Jobs Logbook
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The easiest way to record your log entries, gain onboard visibility, and provide instant transparency between vessel and shore.

  • Easy log entry designed for crew. Log vessel activities quickly and easily with a product made for minimum clicks.
  • Instant transparency between vessel and shore. Track crew onboard, upcoming work, and ongoing activities as they happen all in real time.
  • Print and export logs instantly. Quickly print and export logs for charterers and other stakeholders at any time and in your custom formats.
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Plan, schedule, and dispatch your jobs, then track and review the work done by your assets in real time.

  • Stay in constant communication with your assets while they’re on the job.
  • Manage your orders and assets in a time bar or in a compact, data-driven grid.
  • Automatically convert estimated times to actuals as critical order times are logged by your crew.
  • Use templates to streamline your most commonly performed tasks.
  • Use flexible grid layouts and powerful custom fields to record and view only the information relevant to your organization.
Jobs Dispatch
Jobs Billing
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Capture all possible revenue using our powerful automated billing engine.

  • Use our our powerful billing engine and flexible tariff and contract entry to eliminate lost revenue from missed surcharges.
  • Create customized invoice and credit styles.
  • Separate duties along the billing life cycle by setting up specific roles with permission to approve billing, create invoices, issue reversals, etc.
  • Use the Helm CONNECT API to integrate with external AR systems.
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Jobs Dashboard

Optimize your operations and grow your profitability, market share, and performance with advanced business intelligence for marine operations.

  • Track your company’s most important job KPIs, like market share, revenue per customer, revenue per job, and time to billing against previous results and gain an overview of performance across your operations.
  • Track progress to your revenue, cost, and market share goals for the month, quarter, and year.
  • Rank your customers and trip types based on revenue so dispatchers can prioritize jobs that will make you the most money.
  • Identify misapplied discounts and eliminate billing discrepancies to maximize your revenues.
  • View top revenue customers and identify their growth in your business based on revenue and port calls.
Jobs Dashboard - Port Calls Tab

“The ShipTracks CONNECT integration has really allowed us to automate things and improve our data quality. For example, If the dispatcher grabbed the data from the wrong site or if they made a typo, that means we would mischarge our customers and potentially loose out on revenue. With ShipTracks CONNECT, our dispatchers can create an order just by grabbing the vessel and dragging it to the order slot and then vessel data from ShipTracks prepopulates the order. What used to take our dispatchers 5 or 10 minutes now only takes them 30 seconds and we know the information we’re using is accurate.”

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John Buchanan, President
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