Helm Conference 2022

Helm Conference Training Day (October 3, 2023)

Our ever-popular Training Day is back with a serious upgrade. With four certifications available, a power user stream, a new Zero to Hero stream and for the first time, two Spanish streams, Training Day has something for everyone.

All you need to participate is a laptop – we’ll provide the rest in our small classroom sessions that promote engaged learning. You’ll also need to register ahead of time, so don’t delay, as it’s first-come first-served. Watch your email for registration info!

Zero to Hero/Veteran Users

Helm CONNECT Certified Administrator Courses

Whether you’re brand new to Helm CONNECT or a veteran user, the Certified Administrator Course streams are the best way to solidify your knowledge. Each stream will provide the attendee with a Helm CONNECT Administrator Certification upon completion of a take home exam (a $999 value!) These streams can take you from Zero to Hero or are great to brush up on your existing skills (choose one).


Designed to get you totally proficient with Helm CONNECT Maintenance, this course will go over Asset Management, Checklists, Tasks, Reports, Workflows and more.


Get all you need to know about Helm CONNECT Compliance! This course covers Assets, Form and Audit Templates, Document Libraries, Corrective Actions, Tasks, Reports, Workflows and more.

Jobs (Spanish)

Aprende todo lo que tienes que saber sobre Helm CONNECT Trabajos! En este curso abordaremos temas como Activos, Planificación, Tarifas y Contratos, Facturación, Reportes, Flujos de Trabajo y mucho mas!

Compliance (Spanish)

Aprende todo lo que tienes que saber sobre Helm CONNECT Conformidad! En este curso abordaremos temas como Activos, Formularios y plantillas de auditorias. Ademas de Acciones correctivas, Tareas, reportes, flujos y procesos de trabajo y mucho mas!

Power Users


If you’re looking for the next level of Helm CONNECT mastery, look no further. Our Power User stream contains incredible cutting-edge tips and techniques to elevate your operations. You’ll choose four of these fantastic sessions and leave with a whole new understanding of what Helm CONNECT is capable of!

Personalizing Your Logbook

E-Logs are the hottest topic in the industry right now! Learn how to customize your daily Logs so your print outs come in the way you want it. Create and personalize Events, Activities, and any other records you need to present on your daily log and be compliant with your local regulations. In this session we will be configuring activities and events and customizing them to create and present personalized electronic daily logs.

Better Performance Through Better Reporting

Visibility is the key to being successful. Learn how to use Helm CONNECT reporting to amalgamate data from across all your modules to create a centralized operational report that tracks KPIs for your business. This session will give you the skills to increase access to your data so that you can make key business decisions. We will be taking relevant KPI’s into reports such as:


  • Orders created on Time
  • Jobs Completed last “X” time
  • Work Orders (Tasks) Created last “X” time
  • Work Orders (Tasks) Closed on Time
  • Drills completed on time
  • Maintenance Routines completed on time


Please note: this session will cover data from multiple modules, some of which you may not have, but will still be relevant in terms of amalgamating data from multiple modules in one place.

Unveiling the Unseen: Exceptions Reporting

Uncover the hidden potential of Helm CONNECT in enhanced Maintenance and Compliance reporting. Using real-life scenarios such as drills and maintenance, you’ll learn how to extract crucial data and gain a comprehensive understanding of what has been accomplished, as well as what is missing.


We’ll use Excel to reveal unfulfilled requirements and maintenance gaps, providing visibility into non-compliance and missing upkeep. By attending this seminar, you will acquire the skills to proactively address compliance and maintenance gaps.

Navigating a Sea of Data: Helm Analytics

Join us as we delve deep into the world of our next-gen dashboard. In this class we will navigate the interface, interactive features, and the untapped potential of AI-driven intelligence. Discover how analytics will transform the way you explore and leverage your data. Unlock the true power of your information and revolutionize the way you make data-driven decisions.

Audit Yourself: Cleaning Your Helm CONNECT Tenant

It’s a good chance your Helm CONNECT tenant has some bloat, so this session will be critically looking through your configuration and usage of the system with an eye for adopting new features and best practices. We’ll also be removing outdated or incorrect setups to improve engagement usage and accuracy.

All Aboard! How to Train and Re-Train Helm CONNECT Users

We’ve implemented over 300 Helm Customers and learned a thing or two along the way. This session will focus on practical steps you can take to keep crew CONNECT-savvy. As a bonus – every attendee will leave the session with some custom-made quick guides meant to live on the vessels that can train or re-train on how to seamlessly use Helm CONNECT.