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Helm CONNECT Compliance


Track drills, safety meetings, forms, audits, and corrective actions to ensure compliance across your fleet.

Helm CONNECT Compliance
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Asset Certifications

Ensure your asset certifications are up-to-date and you’re ready to prove compliance at any time.

  • Track all the certifications for your assets.
  • Clearly see which items will be due in the next 30, 60, or 90 days, or set your own custom lead times.
  • Configure email reminders about items coming due.
  • Maintain a complete, searchable record of the items for each asset, including attached documents.
  • Prove compliance at any time from shore or on your assets.
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Build, maintain, and distribute your own custom forms.

  • Replace paper forms onboard your assets.
  • Create your own custom forms and publish them to your assets.
  • Ensure your assets always have the latest revision of each form.
  • Use email notifications to notify shore users when asset forms are submitted.
  • Report on and track completion of all scheduled forms.
Compliance Forms
Compliance Documents
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Distribute important documents to the crew on your assets.

  • Distribute key PDF documents and attachments from shore to the crew on your assets.
  • Use version control to ensure your crew can only access the most up-to-date documents.
  • Track when updated documents are received and acknowledged.
  • Maintain a searchable archive of historical documents.
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Manage your entire audit process from beginning to end, including non-conformities and corrective actions.

  • Build custom audit templates.
  • Schedule and track your internal and external audits with our easy-to-use audit dashboard.
  • Manage your list of findings and assign each one a corrective action.
  • Manage all the corrective actions resulting from forms or audits completed in Helm CONNECT.
  • Maintain a full history of all completed audits, including associated findings and corrective actions.
Compliance Audits
Compliance Dashboard
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Compliance Dashboards

Prove compliance, stay on top of certifications, and manage your operations better than ever.

  • Show charterers, auditors, or other stakeholders KPIs and trends critical for ISM, TMSA, Subchapter M, and other regulations.
  • Ensure your crew and assets have completed the required number of drills each week/month/year using the Drill Matrix.
  • Use filters to display certifications that are already expired, have upcoming expiry dates, or are required to operate so you know which ones to tackle first.





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Become a Helm CONNECT Certified Administrator!

  • We’ll help you, or your team, become a Helm Certified Administrator at an amazing value! With a great introductory offer program, we’ll get you get fully operational with Helm CONNECT Compliance Certification.
Helm CONNECT Log Book
  • Easy log entry designed for crew. Log vessel activities quickly and easily with a product made for minimum clicks.
  • Instant transparency between vessel and shore. Track crew onboard, upcoming work, and ongoing activities as they happen all in real time.
  • Print and export logs instantly. Quickly print and export logs for charterers and other stakeholders at any time and in your custom formats.

“By incorporating Helm CONNECT, we have been able to improve efficiencies across our entire operation. Helm’s ease of use, intuitive design, and configurable features makes it perfect for any size company looking for a comprehensive IT solution.”

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Stephanie Higgins, Business Relationship Manager Engineering and Safety, Ingram Barge Company

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