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Professional Services

No matter your needs, Helm is here for you.

Our mission is to make you successful – that’s why our Professional Services team offers three types of implementation options. They’ll work with you to understand your company’s needs and pick the best option based on your location, size, amount of computer knowledge, and level of needed support. For more information on our implementation options, or for other services such as data entry, custom development, and additional crew and superuser training, check out our brochure or contact us.


Our Implementation Options

Remote Training

With a Remote Training Package, a Helm Implementation Specialist works with you to gather your data and train you remotely online on every aspect of your purchased Helm CONNECT products. This package is the perfect way to gain valuable training while staying within a limited budget.

Onsite Training

With an Onsite Training Package, a Helm Implementation Specialist will help you gather your data, train you in-person to be a Helm CONNECT expert, and offer additional support to guarantee that you have the skills you need to perform the system rollout yourself. This provides you more responsibility, and is designed to maximize benefits while minimizing costs.

Custom Implementation

Custom Implementations typically apply to larger complex operators, or for Helm CONNECT Jobs or Personnel implementations. With a preferred level of service from beginning to end, Custom Implementations are adaptive and flexible to your needs and requirements.

Take Their Word For It

Korevaar Marine Group Pty Ltd


“Excellent is the only word I can think of for the feedback and assistance we have been provided by everyone we have dealt with so far. On one training session we had, we raised a question which was clearly out of the ordinary. At the end of the session, the call ended but the screen sharing accidently got left on. The trainers dived exactly into the area we had talked to them about and I could see them trying to solve our problem on the spot.”

River Marine


“Janie was fantastic! We are a very small company, with a unique set of challenges. Janie rolled with the punches of our days, worked her tail off, and was patient and kind to our Chief Engineer, who is not comfortable with computers at all.”

Vancouver Fraser Port Authority


“James was patient, thorough, personable, communicated objectives well, reviewed previous training prior to starting each session, encouraged playing around in system and was good to troubleshoot or at least say ‘I’ll get back to you’…and he did. He is well versed in the program, and having Janie join on-site for hands-on training was great from a knowledge perspective of if/when the items on our ‘wish list’ were being implemented. They both really wanted us, the end user, to be enabled and excel at knowing the product, and didn’t feel like they were just going through the motions.”

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