18 Apr 2024
Trevor Atkinson
Marketing Coordinator

Helm CONNECT and Smart Fleet Management have combined to create a powerful management
tool that delivers a centralized analytics platform for maritime operations.

Paul Cyr (left), Manager of Partnerships, Helm Operations; and Patrick Sanguily, General
Manager – Americas, Spinergie.

Austin, USA/BC, Canada: Maritime technology companies Helm Operations and Spinergie
have announced a partnership combining the power of their respective fleet management
solutions, Helm CONNECT and Smart Fleet Management, to create a fully integrated fleet
optimization platform and centralized source of record keeping.

Helm Operations has provided innovative maritime technology for over twenty-five years, aiming
to improve safety, drive performance, and bring positive change to the industry. This is an ethos
Spinergie shares, with its mission to measure, evaluate, and optimize ship performance and
maritime operations to improve environmental and operational impact, in addition to reducing
carbon emissions.

The partnership will integrate Helm CONNECT’s vessel management system data into Smart
Fleet Management, including logbook entries, engine room readings, and other essential sources.
When combined with Spinergie’s data streams, including AIS, GPS, custom GIS Maps, fuel
sensors, and telematics, joint customers benefit from a holistic system of record reinforced by
advanced analytics and data science.

Customers will benefit from several capabilities now available through a centralized source. The
Helm CONNECT Maintenance module provides tools to mitigate breakdowns and downtime
across the fleet by managing tasks and creating maintenance schedules. Compliance tracks
certifications, incidents, drills, safety meetings, forms, audits, and corrective actions to ensure
compliance across your fleet. Spinergie provides in-depth vessel and operations performance
analysis that generates actionable insights. The analytics are provided alongside remote
monitoring capabilities to ensure real-time operational awareness and an additional layer of safety
and security controls.

This partnership is positive news for the maritime industry, where data silos are commonplace
and often a hindrance to decision-making. In addition to the new insights now available through
this combined fleet optimization solution, customers are also supported by the expertise of two
major players in maritime technology.

Together, Helm Operations and Spinergie set a new standard for fleet optimization, paving the
way for a more sustainable and data-driven future for the maritime industry.

“We’re very excited to provide Helm CONNECT users with an integration that offers a centralized
analytics platform focused on optimizing ship performance and reducing carbon emissions.
Helm’s integration partners help enhance the user experience and we’re thrilled to be partnering
with Spinergie.”

Nolan Barclay

CEO, Helm Operations

“We are pleased with the value we’ve created together for our mutual clients. We’ve proven from
multiple joint deployments that there’s significant benefit from integrating vessel operating
systems with modern analytics capabilities. We’ve replaced many manual reporting processes
and are providing decision support to operations and management staff on a daily basis. The
team at Helm have been great to work with and we look forward to helping many more vessel
operators with becoming digitally enabled organizations.”

Patrick Sanguily

General Manager, Americas, Spinergie

About Spinergie

Spinergie is a maritime technology company specializing in emission reduction, vessel
performance, and optimization of marine operations. The company’s digital platform offers the
most accurate real-time operations tracking and benchmarking in the market. Powered by millions
of data points, Spinergie leverages proprietary algorithms and industry knowledge to create
customized recommendations for each operation and vessel. Spinergie’s user-friendly platform
seamlessly integrates with existing systems and sensors, contributing to a more transparent,
sustainable, and efficient industry. For more information, visit www.spinergie.com.

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