28 Mar 2024
Paul Cyr
Manager of Partnerships

Power Up Your Procurement

Helm CONNECT now integrates with Procurify’s spend management software.

Let’s talk about simplifying your procurement process and unleashing the power of seamless data management. Say goodbye to the days of confusing spend data and hello to streamlined procurement bliss!

Imagine your requests, approvals, and budgets, all cozying up in one place. Sounds too good to be true? Think again! By integrating Helm CONNECT’s Requisition module with Procurify, you can achieve the data flow and operational synchronization to keep your requests, approvals, and real-time budgets organized and readily available, giving your team the confidence they need to make data-informed spend decisions without a hitch. No more hunting through spreadsheets or drowning in paperwork.

Who can say no to reduced manual entry and accessible spend data storage? It’s like having a virtual personal assistant for your procurement needs. Decision-making becomes a breeze, and life just gets a whole lot easier for both your crew as well as those onshore.

Let me introduce you to our partner in procurement prowess: Procurify!

Procurify is the AI-enhanced procurement and AP automation platform for the mid-market. They make it easy for organizations to take control of spend and save money. Procurify offers the most complete procure-to-pay system, seamlessly integrating purchase requests, approvals, expenses, purchase orders, contracts, vendors, budgets, receiving, invoicing, bill payments, spending cards, and more. We’re thrilled to have them join the Helm Partnership Ecosystem!

Let’s Talk Benefits

Stay on Schedule & Stay Informed Along the Way

  • Your maintenance shouldn’t fall behind just because of an inefficient procurement process. With our Procurify integration, purchase orders are automatically synced, ensuring your team stays informed on all procurement tasks and making sure you don’t fall behind schedule.
  • For example, creating a purchase order request in Helm CONNECT will automatically create the request in Procurify, and maintenance teams can view any activity on the purchase order.

Avoid Manual Entry & Eliminate Human Error

  • Your procurement shouldn’t be vulnerable to human error. Our Procurify integration streamlines your procurement for you, so that your teams can avoid manual entry and eliminate the potential for human error. Automatically restock your inventory and create purchase order requests without breaking a sweat.

No Internet? No Problem!

  • Your procurement workflow and your internet access won’t always align. That’s where our Procurify integration steps in, empowering onboard users to kickstart the procurement process by submitting requisitions, even without internet connectivity.
  • Once a stable connection is restored, these requisitions seamlessly sync to Procurify, ensuring a smooth transition and uninterrupted workflow.

Streamline AP Invoice Processing with Automation Tools that Save Time and Increase Data Accuracy During your Billing Processes

  • When purchasing and accounting systems are siloed, AP teams waste time on manual and error-prone reconciliation tasks. Procurify consolidates purchasing and invoicing documents in one place, giving AP professionals the confidence they need to quickly pay invoices. Procurify’s integrations with ERP and accounting systems breaks down data silos, giving users visibility and control across all departments, assets and locations.

Integration Workflow

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