13 Jun 2024
Rob Petley-Jones
Director of Professional Services

Our Introductory Courses Have Been a Huge Success

Since launching our first certification courses in Q4 2022, we’ve certified over 85 Helm administrators from more than 120 registrants!

Our journey began with Maintenance and Compliance courses, which gave students the expertise and confidence to effortlessly manage everything from Tasks and Planned Maintenance, to Forms and Audits. In Q3 2023, we introduced the Advanced Reporting Course, focusing on practical data manipulation skills crucial for creating industry-standard reports.

What’s On the Horizon?

Helm CONNECT Jobs Certified Administrator Course

We’re thrilled to announce our Jobs Certified Administrator Course launch in Q3 2024! This course can be split between dispatch and billing roles, or taken together, offering 10 hours of training over 4 days. The course will cover setup and use of the dispatch product, as well as an in-depth dive into contracts, tariffs, and the billing workflows.

Introductory Pricing is Over for Helm CONNECT Certifications Courses

With the launch of the Jobs Certified Administrator Course, we’re updating our pricing, with new rates coming into effect on July 1, 2024:

  • Maintenance: $999 → $1500
  • Compliance: $999 → $1500
  • Advanced Reporting: $499 → $750
  • Jobs:
    • Dispatch only: $800
    • Billing only: $800
    • Both: $1500

Plan Ahead

Book Now and Save!

You can still book all Helm CONNECT Certified Administrator Courses at our current pricing until June 30. Any course purchases between now and the changeover (end of June) will be honored for the duration of 2024. So if you think yourself (or a member of your team) will need these soon but you aren’t sure when, you can pre-buy courses and schedule your certification at your convenience!

Don’t miss this opportunity to advance your skills and credentials at unbeatable prices!