08 Feb 2024
Kathy Littkemann
Technical Writing Lead

Welcome to the Loading Dock—our round-up of the latest things we’re building in Helm CONNECT! Here’s what our team was up to in January, as we worked to bring you the best software in the maritime industry with all the tools you need to make your business successful.

Manage Custom Fields for Emergency

Currently, in Helm CONNECT Personnel, anyone with Edit permissions for the My Helm > Profile > Profile > Emergency Contacts and the Management > People > People > Emergency Contacts tabs can add new custom fields to those tabs that impact all other users. We’re adding a new Add Custom Fields permission for each tab so you can limit this behavior to specific admin users.

Attach Images to Checklists and Forms

In Helm CONNECT Maintenance and Compliance, we’re adding the option to attach images to the templates for your inspection, maintenance, and inventory checklists and forms so you can easily include manuals, photos of machinery, or examples of what you need your crew to work on.

See How Many Parts Are On Hand Before Transferring Them to Another Asset

Before transferring parts from one asset to another, it makes sense that you’d want to know how many parts the first asset has on hand, so we’re adding a new Estimated Quantity field to the Transfer Parts window in the Inventory module.

Control Who Can Finish and Delete Tasks

With the new Maintenance > Settings > Can Finish Tasks permission we’re adding, you’ll have more control over which users can finish tasks. You could, for example, allow most users to fill tasks out but only allow supervisors or more senior crew members to actually finish them.

We’re also adding a new Maintenance> Settings > Can Delete Tasks permission so you can restrict the ability to delete tasks to specific users.

Logbook Improvements

We’re also unveiling some exciting improvements to our Logbook module. Don’t miss all the details in the latest issue of Through the Spyglass!

Contact us today and learn more about these exciting new updates!

As always, these are items that we’ve worked on that are subject to change and may or may not be in the next version of Helm CONNECT

That brings this volume of the Loading Dock to a close! Thanks for reading and we’ll see you again next month. Happy Helm-ing!