06 Feb 2024
Rachel Aylard
Senior Product Manager

Welcome to Through the Spyglass! In this series, we’ll be previewing some of the cutting-edge features coming to Helm CONNECT. Not only will you be getting an exclusive insight into what’s to come, but we’d also like to invite you to reach out and share with us what you think. This blog series will give you a look at what’s coming, but it’s your feedback that will truly drive the value of what we’re building, so don’t hesitate to reach out to your account manager!

*Development is always a work in progress and is not guaranteed for inclusion in future updates, as priorities and resources are subject to change.

Improved Date Picker

With our improved date notification, you can now easily see when you’re not working on “Today’s” Logbook entries. We’ve done this by adding a new icon accompanied by a tooltip (“Today’s date not selected”) to signify when the user is not currently looking at today’s date. This makes it easier for users to ensure they’re submitting Logbook entries on the correct date.

Enhanced Sorting Functionality

We’ve introduced a game-changing upgrade to Logbook with an improved sorting feature. Now conveniently located in the Logbook-Action kebab menu, users can effortlessly arrange entries in either ascending or descending order based on entry time. Before, you could only see Logbook entries in Ascending order, so any new sequential entries were added to the bottom of the list. Now, you can set your sort order to Descending, and new entries will be added to the top of your Logbook list. The chosen sort order is intelligently remembered, offering a personalized experience every time users return to Logbook.

Extended Visibility in “Upcoming Jobs” Widget

Our “Upcoming Jobs” widget just got a major upgrade! No longer limited to showcasing activities scheduled for the next 24 hours, this tool now includes ongoing job activities until they’re completed or canceled. This modification ensures a more comprehensive and informative display of upcoming and ongoing job activities, providing users with a detailed overview of their scheduled jobs.

Evolution of Daily Logs

Say hello to “Favorites”! Daily Logs have been rebranded to Favorites, now with enhanced features. Designate events as Favorites for continuous presence in the logbook, or opt to exclude them.

Improved “Current Crew” Widget

We’ve revamped the “Current Crew” widget for easier access to crew information. Now, with just a click on “Show All,” users can view the entire list of crew members directly within the widget itself, eliminating the need for redirection to other pages.

Preventing Accidental Closure When Logging Events and Activities

Accidentally closing a Logbook entry is a thing of the past! We’ve implemented a preventive measure to ensure that the Log New Entry dim in the Logbook cannot be closed by clicking outside of it. Users can now use the ‘x’ in the top right corner to close their log entry, preventing inadvertent closure, and saving them from potential issues and loss of work.

Streamlined Entry Updates

Managing Logbook entries just got easier with our new permission feature. Control the editing of existing entries and regulate the removal of attachments, ensuring data preservation and security. We’ve also taken things a step further, as this new permission features enables the user to allow concurrent activities if needed!

Cargo and Fluid Tracking

The Cargo and Fluid Tracking feature offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring and tracking dry and liquid cargo, as well as consumable fluids onboard your vessels. Users can seamlessly monitor fluids onboard and cargo transported, ensure precise billing procedures, and maintain a historical record of quantities transported.

Passenger Manifest

Introducing Passenger Manifest! This new feature enables the user to oversee and monitor activities or services offered to passengers and contractors or any other non-employee individuals onboard. From Logbook, crew can open the Passenger Manifest where a passenger can be created, onboarded, offboarded and have their meals and accommodations tracked daily, ensuring thorough oversight of all onboard activities.

What Do You Want to See in Helm CONNECT?

That’s it for this Through the Spyglass! Do you have something you’d like to see in Helm CONNECT? Don’t hesitate to share your comments, questions, or concerns by contacting your account manager today. Until next time, happy Helm-ing!

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