23 Apr 2024
Liam Cameron
Customer Innovation Manager

Operational data is constantly being recorded in Helm CONNECT, but extracting useful information from that data can be confusing. Tackling that confusion starts with a question: “Why am I having repeated failures?”, “Are critical items being completed?”, “Is my fleet compliant with regulations?”. Helm CONNECT’s latest feature, Analytics Pro, is here to answer these questions effectively and efficiently. Let’s take a look at some common, yet critical, questions that can be answered with this powerful new tool.

“Are Issues Being Reported and Closed Out?”

It is vital to any operation that issues are reported and acted upon promptly. By viewing the tasks created and checklists completed in Helm CONNECT, operators can accurately gauge the frequency of the reported issues and assess the effectiveness of their efforts. This process ensures a fast response, ultimately minimizing potential risks or disruptions. With Analytics Pro, you can use the Average Tasks per Checklist graph to better understand the frequency of the recorded issues per vessel, compared with the rest your fleet, shedding light on potential trouble areas.

“Is My Planned Maintenance Program Being Utilized Correctly?”

By leveraging your data analytics, you can predict equipment failures based on historical performance metrics and maintenance records. This insight can greatly mitigate the risk of breakdowns, extending the lifespan of critical equipment, ultimately saving you time and money. With Analytics Pro, you can use the Open Items by Component and Type chart to clearly see which vessels have the most overdue planned maintenance items.

Another great feature is the Asset breakdown. This is used to compare which assets across your fleet are completing their planned maintenance on time, helping you better understand the company average, and potentially shedding light on greater issues or areas of success.

“Are We Able to Keep up With the Volume of Unplanned Maintenance?”

Maintaining a consistent pace with tasks, without disruptions, is crucial for sustaining operational fluidity. To do so effectively, understanding if the volume of unplanned maintenance is manageable and if resources are being allocated efficiently. By addressing this issue, you can minimize unplanned downtime and maintain operational continuity.

With Analytics Pro, you can use the Tasks Backlog to specifically monitor the trend of “closed versus opened” tasks each month. This provides a clear indication of your crew’s ability to keep up with the volume of unplanned maintenance. By observing whether the backlog is growing or shrinking over time, you can accurately gauge your capacity to address maintenance needs promptly and effectively.

“How Do I Evaluate Crew Performance Effectively?”

Data analytics is also a powerful tool when evaluating crew performance. It can identify areas needing improvement as well as areas of success, and ultimately, can be used to foster a culture of continuous growth and accountability for your crew.

In Analytics Pro, you can use the Crew Completion percentage tool to accurately track who is completing their items on time. Now that you have that metric, you can benchmark a target for you fleet and evaluate how each crew member performs based on that expectation.

“Is My Crew and Fleet Compliant With Their Drills and Safety Meetings?”

Ensuring drill and safety meeting compliance is essential for cultivating a safety-conscious culture and meeting regulatory standards throughout your crew and fleet. Using the Analytics Pro Forms Matrix, in the Compliance Module, you’re provided with a comprehensive overview of completed drills and safety meetings. Tip: By looking at the leftmost column for the current month, you can quickly identify any outstanding forms and ensure compliance before months-end.

Asked and Answered

Simply having the data is not enough. Having clear and informative data that is easily viewed and understood, leading to actionable items, is what can truly make the difference in your operations. From task management, to crew performance, regulatory compliance, and more, Analytics Pro provides actionable insights so you can address key questions swiftly and effectively. Take control over your data, make data-informed decisions, and confidently elevate the standard of your operational efficiency.

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