05 Jun 2018
Peter Rowand
Marketing and Business Development

Helm CONNECT Software

Helm CONNECT Personnel Product Manager, Rachel Aylard and Director of Sales, North America, Steve Robertson

June 5, 2018- Victoria, BC – Leading marine software provider, Helm Operations, is making waves again this month with the launch of Helm CONNECT Personnel, a new software solution for crew management.  After focusing on industry needs around marine maintenance and compliance, the company has set its sights on revolutionizing the way marine operators manage, schedule, and handle payroll for their crews.

Launching this month, Helm CONNECT Personnel addresses the unique needs of marine companies in the work boat market. It offers an end-to-end solution for crew management, crew scheduling, and payroll, and integrates seamlessly with Helm’s existing software for maintenance, compliance, and harbor dispatch.

Whether they work in harbors, inland waterways, or on the open ocean, today’s vessel operators have very complex crewing, scheduling, and payroll requirements. Rachel Aylard, who leads the development of Helm CONNECT Personnel, explains the problems. “Onboard the vessels, the crew manage time sheets, watch schedules, rest time, overtime, and downtime, sometimes across multiple pay or budget centers. And then onshore, the team balances payroll while managing leave banks and accrued time-off, which are very specific to the marine industry.”

The whole crew management process requires detailed record keeping onboard for compliance and payroll purposes. These records are often replicated on shore by dispatchers and payroll clerks to ensure crews are paid correctly and on time.

Aylard also highlights how complex the job of crew dispatchers can be. “Not only do they have to ensure there’s a properly certified crew planned for each vessel’s ever-changing operations, adjusting for holidays, partial hitches, rest time, and specialized work. They must also confirm that the crew arrive at the right place at the right time for each crew change, and document who’s on which vessel at what time. Although often overlooked, they have one of the most demanding jobs in the industry,” she says.

These time-consuming tasks drain the limited resources of dispatchers, who may each manage hundreds of crew across dozens of vessels, often with outdated-systems or manual processes.

“Many marine companies are struggling to use mainstream scheduling and payroll systems that don’t fit their requirements. They’re using aging software or spending hours doing manual data entry from paper, then calculating and balancing payroll and leave banks in spreadsheets,” says Aylard.

“We want to solve those problems and give our industry powerful tools to streamline their crew scheduling and payroll. Our goal with Helm CONNECT Personnel is to reduce the workload of crew dispatchers and payroll clerks by hours each day. And, like all our Helm CONNECT products, it’s easy to learn and use.”

The roll out for Helm CONNECT Personnel begins in June with a crew scheduling module, including time tracking and crew change management. The next module to roll out will be a powerful payroll module designed specifically for marine use cases, which are often not supported by mainstream payroll systems.

“Our payroll engine is incredibly intuitive and powerful. It has handled every case the crew dispatchers have entered in our pre-release versions, and we think it’s going to change the way many marine companies handle crew payroll.”

Helm Operations CEO, Ron deBruyne, echoes her comments. “Today, Helm CONNECT is used by almost 40 percent of the fleet of the American Waterways Operators. We’ve seen the incredible changes and efficiencies it has brought to the industry, and we’re really excited to be offering the same benefits for crew scheduling and payroll.”


About Helm Operations

Since 1999 Helm Operations has been developing Helm software to help workboat companies better organize their operations and optimize their business intelligence. Our operations are based on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada. As the company has continued to grow, we’ve recently expanded our presence in Europe and opened a second office in The Netherlands.

Our brand promise is: to connect the marine industry like no other technology company, so we strive to make our software, service and culture reflect that promise.

Helm Operations is a subsidiary of ClassNK, one of the world’s leading classification societies. ClassNK is dedicated to supporting the growth and development of the maritime industry, and ensuring the safety of ships, their crews, and the marine environment.