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Helm CONNECT Personnel


Certifications, crew scheduling, and payroll made easy.

Crew Scheduling

Know your crew certifications are up to date. Stay on top of all crew certifications and training with built in reminders for when items are coming due.

manage emergency crew changes

Instantly notify your crew about schedule changes. Easily change assigned crew with drag and drop functionality. Automatically alert them to any changes in the crew schedule without having to phone them.

Crew Schedule Management

Plan your crew schedules and changes quickly and easily. Clearly see who's already scheduled for work, has time off, or is missing the required certification for a job. Ensure you schedule the right fit.

crew certifications

Spend less time crewing on and off your vessels and communicate this information back to shore in real time.

crew schedules

Eliminate payroll errors and reduce payroll processing time. With our powerful payroll engine, payroll is automatically generated based on scheduling and the pay rules you set up. This means fewer corrections for you and more time for other things.

scheduling and payroll

Reduce redundant data entry. Integrate with your third-party accounting and net payroll systems.

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Employee Certification Tracking

People Tracking

Ensure your crew’s training and certifications are up-to-date and you’re ready to prove compliance at any time.

  • Track all the training and certifications for your crew, including meetings, drills, credentials, and licenses.
  • Clearly see which items will be due in the next 30, 60, or 90 days, or set your own custom lead times.
  • Configure email reminders about items coming due.
  • Maintain a complete, searchable record of the items for each crew member, including attached documents.
  • Prove compliance at any time from shore or on your assets.

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Crew Scheduling

Plan crew schedules, review crew changes submitted by your assets, and approve or adjust days worked.

  • Plan your crew schedules based on asset manning requirements.
  • Clearly see if crew are certified to work as you plan the schedules.
  • View crew schedules by date, by asset, by person, or across your whole fleet.
  • Automatically notify your crew by email when schedules are created or adjusted.
  • Review, adjust, approve, or deny crew on/off events submitted by your assets.

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Crew Scheduler Software
Crew Payroll Management


Use your crew schedules and crew changes to forecast and generate payroll.

  • Manage all your pay rates and pay classes in a central system.
  • Use our powerful payroll engine to trigger pay rates according to your company’s rules, including regular, overtime and holiday pay.
  • Forecast payroll based on your approved schedules.
  • Automatically generate payroll once crew schedules are approved.
  • View total days and dollars paid for your entire crew.

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Work Rest

Work, rest, travel, and on watch tracking made easy.

  • Quickly plan crew shifts that comply with position-based work/rest requirements.
  • Efficiently manage all onboard work schedules from a single screen to ensure rest time compliance across your fleet.
  • Achieve 100% data reliability with full change-log tracking.
  • Easily submit work/rest reports preformatted for Coast Guard and other regulators.

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Helm CONNECT Personnel Work Rest module

Meet the Rest of Helm CONNECT


Mitigate unplanned breakdowns and know what’s going on with your maintenance across your entire fleet.


Stay compliant with all your audits and regulations.


Improve your bottom line through better dispatch, improved utilization, and streamlined billing.

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