29 Nov 2017
Peter Rowand
Marketing and Business Development

Hey, I’m Sarah Adams from the Product Marketing team. It’s that time again – get ready to update to Helm CONNECT 1.7! To give you more value, we combined our 1.6 and 1.7 releases into a single update. If you missed our last release blog for Helm CONNECT 1.5, you can check it out here.

Here’s your inside scoop on what’s coming.

Helm CONNECT Inventory is growing!

First, I’d like to thank our early adopters for using and validating Helm CONNECT Inventory. In this release, you’ll see a ton of new inventory functionality, including:

  • Manage component inventory: Create and manage an inventory of components for your assets, and easily replace and track active components. Search your entire inventory by serial number and track the complete history of components on all your assets.
  • Transfer components:  Quickly and easily transfer engines, generators, or any component between your assets, including your vessels and warehouses. Perfect for repowering engines or moving equipment between locations.
  • Transfer parts: Streamline the flow of parts across your fleet. Transfer parts between assets and locations, maintain a complete history of all part transfers, and see which parts are already in a requisition.

Based on fantastic feedback from our early adopters, we’re currently expanding the scope of Helm CONNECT Inventory to track part prices and better manage purchase orders. These features will be released in 2018 and, until they’re ready, we’re extending our Early Adopter program until the new year. If you’re interested in using Helm CONNECT Inventory at a reduced cost, contact your Account Executive or Account Manager to get full details.

Helm CONNECT Maintenance and Helm CONNECT Compliance get even better

This release, we focused on making Helm CONNECT Maintenance and Compliance even easier to use. Here are some of the changes you’ll see in this release:

  • Fully customizable views: This was one of our biggest customer requests and a feature we’re really excited about. Now you can change column width, reorder columns, and choose exactly which columns you want displayed in every list in Helm CONNECT, including the Maintenance Overview, Corrective Actions, and Certification Tracking pages.
  • Improved vendor tracking:  Now you can track a full range of vendor information in Helm CONNECT, including company and contact information. You can also use custom fields to track the specific data you want. In the next release, you’ll be able to set standard part prices per vendor, making costing easier.
  • Improved requisitions: We improved how requisitions work. Now you can assign unique ID numbers to requisitions, directly link requisitions to tasks, and use custom fields to track additional information on all your requisitions and requisition line items.
  • Create multiple corrective actions from a form: This was another major request from our users. Subscribers to Helm CONNECT Compliance can now generate multiple corrective actions from one form, making your reviews and incident reports even more powerful.

Helm CONNECT Jobs is now more flexible

We expanded our Helm CONNECT Jobs team to match the growth of Helm CONNECT Jobs globally. Here are some of changes you’ll see:

  • More flexible AR terms: Based on your feedback, we made accounts receivable terms on invoices fully customizable – you can now set any term you want for any client.
  • Improvements to the Planner: We improved the way resources and jobs are grouped and sorted, made the Planner scroll when you drag jobs outside the viewable screen area, and added new tool tips and icons so you have more information at your finger tips.

Those are just some of the features in the Helm CONNECT 1.7 release. To learn more, check out the release notes or contact your Account Manager. To checkout what’s happening in Helm CONNECT 1.8, continue reading this post.

Best wishes and happy Helm-ing,

Sarah Adams
Product Marketing Manager