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Improve your bottom line through better dispatch, improved utilization, and streamlined billing.

asset communication

Generate invoices in seconds. Gain instant access to the information that you need, including contract details and job updates from your captains, so you can get invoices out the door faster.

flexible billing engine

Manage customer rebates. Catch customer contracts before they expire, and be armed with better data before negotiating rate discounts.

workflow streamlining

Communicate seamlessly with your assets. Immediately communicate job information to your assets without having to pick up the phone. View your assets' job activities in real time.

Data Management

Eliminate billing errors and missed billing opportunities. Our flexible billing engine automatically calculates rates, surcharges, commissions, and discounts for you and your customers.

Job Management

Improve your asset utilization. Easily plan and schedule your fleet based on customer commitments and resource availability.

Competitor Analysis

Get better intel on your competitors. Allow managers to view data across multiple ports or regions, track competitor jobs, and perform competitor analysis.

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Operations Management Logs

Event Logs

Track and report on the activities and events carried out by your assets and their crew.

  • Replace your log book with customized logs based on your organization’s unique reporting requirements.
  • Report on the event logs and activities submitted across your fleet.
  • Create customized log templates for each division.
  • Use custom fields in your log templates to record anything from vessel location to cargo temperature.
  • Track and report on unplanned events, such as standby time during a job.

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Plan, schedule, and dispatch your jobs, then track and review the work done by your assets in real time.

  • Stay in constant communication with your assets while they’re on the job.
  • Manage your orders and assets in a time bar or in a compact, data-driven grid.
  • Automatically convert estimated times to actuals as critical order times are logged by your crew.
  • Use templates to streamline your most commonly performed tasks.
  • Use flexible grid layouts and powerful custom fields to record and view only the information relevant to your organization.

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Dispatch Software
Billing Software


Capture all possible revenue using our powerful automated billing engine.

  • Use our our powerful billing engine and flexible tariff and contract entry to eliminate lost revenue from missed surcharges.
  • Create customized invoice and credit styles.
  • Separate duties along the billing life cycle by setting up specific roles with permission to approve billing, create invoices, issue reversals, etc.
  • Use the Helm CONNECT API to integrate with external AR systems.

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Discover cost savings through advanced dispatch optimization.

  • AI-based port dispatching system from PortX which integrates seamlessly with Helm CONNECT.
  • Dramatically improve harbor towage scheduling by using AI to optimize vessel dispatch based on crew working hours, currents, fuel consumption and more.
  • Dynamically refines harbor schedules every three minutes, creating the most cost-effective dispatch schedules for any harbor or fleet.
  • Receive automated suggestions on the best towing vessel, departure time, and running speed.
  • Provides savings of up to US$200,000 per tug annually due to reduced fuel consumption, crew overtime, and chartering of third-party tugs.
Dispatch Software

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