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Helm CONNECT Maintenance


Mitigate unplanned breakdowns and know what’s going on with your maintenance across your entire fleet.

Planned Maintenance

Get real-time information on what’s going on with your whole fleet in a single location. At a glance, see every task, what’s coming due, what’s overdue, and which readings are out of spec for your entire fleet.

Crew Schedules

Gain visibility into the maintenance activities on each boat in your fleet. Give your crew a clear, organized to do list so you know what’s going on and they know what needs to be done.

Crew Tasks

Save time with a central system for making changes to maintenance routines or tasks. When you need to change something, you can instantly push it out to all your boats.

Fleet Management Dashboards

Never forget a maintenance task again. Be confident none of your maintenance tasks are slipping through the cracks by scheduling your maintenance routines and inspections by hour, by date, or both.

Asset Component Inventories

Improve communication between ship and shore. Make it easy for your crew to request items onboard, see what’s already on order, and track the status of their maintenance requests.

Asset Part Management

Access your information from anywhere. All information lives in one system and you can access it from anywhere, even without an Internet connection.

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Marine Fleet Maintenance Tasks


Quickly and easily create tasks for your crew.

  • Assign tasks to individuals on your assets or on shore.
  • Set up email notifications to alert individuals when they’ve been assigned work.
  • View dashboards to easily track the status and due dates of tasks.
  • Attach images and documents for your crew to reference.
  • Report on tasks to ensure they’re being completed on time.

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Planned Maintenance

Create recurring inspections and maintenance routines and track completion of the work.

  • Base your schedules on engine hours, dates, or both.
  • Easily update your maintenance program to ensure your assets always have the most up-to-date routines.
  • Provide simple to do lists on your assets to make work management easy for your crew.
  • Automatically create tasks from deficiencies found during inspections or maintenance routines.
  • Track and report on overdue items to ensure your crews are staying compliant.

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Planned Marine Maintenance
Marine Inventory


Track part and component inventories across your assets, manage part usage, and simplify request tracking.

  • Manage part and component inventories in warehouses and on your assets.
  • Easily transfer parts and components between assets.
  • Track part usage through deductions on maintenance tasks.
  • Simplify the request process between your crew and shore.
  • Link requests for parts to maintenance tasks.

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Manage requests for parts for your assets.

  • Increase visibility by tracking the status of your requisitions both from shore and on your assets.
  • Use vendor price contracts to quickly estimate the cost of your requisitions.
  • Link your requisitions to existing tasks.

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Marine Requisitions

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