14 May 2019
Peter Rowand
Marketing and Business Development

People and Ideas Connect

Helm CONNECT is currently being used around the world by companies in the marine industry to help better organize operations and optimize business intelligence. Although it’s simple and intuitive, Helm CONNECT has some powerful features that you may not know about. Here are five really cool Helm CONNECT features you might not know about!

Use forms to update your crew certifications

Managing all your crew’s certifications can be a daunting task, especially if you have a large fleet. Helm CONNECT simplifies this job by allowing you to use a single form to update multiple crew’s certifications at once!

Let’s say 10 members of your crew just attended a training session to earn their MSA Fit Test certificate. Following the session, you could simply complete a form in Helm CONNECT Compliance to say who attended, which certificate they earned, and when it expires. Once you submit the form and it’s approved, Helm CONNECT will automatically update each attendee’s personal record to show they’re certified for the MSA Fit Test until the expiry date. Not only does this save you time, it also ensures you can prove quickly compliance to any concerned parties.

Use forms to update your crew certifications

We added Allison McGreggor to this form after she attended a training session.

Sample Helm Connect Screenshot - adding a training session

Once shore side personnel approve the form the certification will appear on Allison’s profile


Quickly see the status of your crew certifications

Seeing the status of all your crew certifications has never been easier. Simply navigate to the Management > People > People tab to see an overview of your crew profiles. From here, the colored icons on each profile card tell you whose certificates are up-to-date and whose certificates are coming up for renewal. Here’s what the colors mean:

  • Green: This person’s next certification will expire in more than 90 days.
  • Yellow: This person’s next certification will expire in 60-90 days.
  • Orange: This person’s next certification will expire in 30-60 days.
  • Red: This person’s next certification will expire in 30 days or less.

Helm Connect: Quickly see the status of your crew certifications

The red icon on Bobby Orr’s profile card shows that his next certification will expire in 30 days or less


Link your requisitions to other items

In Helm CONNECT Maintenance, you can link your requisitions for parts and labor to tasks, corrective actions, inspections, maintenance routines, inventory counts, and forms. When entering a requisition, you can easily search and find the items you want to link the requisitions to.

Helm Connect: Link your requisitions to other items

Linking this part requisition to an item is made easier by being able to filter by item type as shown in the drop down menu


Notification of a previous failed item

When you’re completing a checklist, Helm CONNECT will prevent you from making duplicate entries by notifying you if you try to fail an item that was failed previously. It recognizes that you’re trying to fail the same item again and asks if you want to update the existing entry for that item or create a new task. By creating a new task you’re able to escalate the status of the failed item and replace the old entry. All these adjustments can be tracked through our change log which allows you to look back on all the revisions made in the system as well as who made them.

Helm Connect: Notification of a previous failed item

When trying to fail a previously failed item, Helm CONNECT sends you this notification prompting you to either update the existing entry or create a new one


Add your own custom fields

In Helm CONNECT, you can add your own custom fields to track the data you want to report on without needing to hire your own developer! You can easily add a custom field in any area of the product that is specific to your operational requirements within seconds. For example, you could create a custom field in employee profiles that track t-shirt size, or favorite animal, or anything else.

Once you’ve added your custom fields, you have access to real time reporting data about them and can build, save, and share reports with them directly in Helm CONNECT.

Helm Connect: Add your own custom fields

An example of adding a custom field to employee’s profiles


I hope you found these tips useful! If you have some cool tips and tricks you want to share about how you use Helm CONNECT features, you can send them to me at amanda.jones@helmoperations.com. I’d love to hear from you!