12 Jul 2023
Trevor Atkinson
Marketing Coordinator
The Loading Dock: June 2023

Welcome to Volume 1 of the Loading Dock—a new monthly round up of the latest things we’re building in Helm CONNECT! As always, our team was busy in June, working hard to bring you the best software in the maritime industry, with all the tools you need to make your business successful. We’re excited to show you some of the key changes we’re making to our roles and permissions and some handy improvements we’re bringing to the Payroll module!

*Development is always a work in progress and is not guaranteed for inclusion in future updates, as priorities and resources are subject to change.

Limit Forms to Specific Roles

We’ve heard lots of great feedback from customers who love how easy it is to manage their forms in Helm CONNECT but need options for controlling access to sensitive or personal information. Rest assured, you’ll soon be able to manage all your forms in Helm CONNECT, even those that must be restricted to certain users. We’re adding the ability to limit forms to specific roles so you can strictly manage who can see and edit the information in in-progress and completed forms.

The Loading Dock: June 2023

Control Who Can Omit Checklists

To improve audit efficiency and help mitigate any risks to compliance, our customers also asked for stricter control over who can omit checklists. We’re adding a new permission so you can manage precisely which users have the ability to omit checklists and ensure that critical maintenance can’t be skipped.

Manage Who Can View and Edit Certifications

These changes are all about giving the right certification access to the right users. Maybe your operations managers need to view your asset certifications but don’t ever need to change them or maybe your crew is responsible for asset certifications and should be able to update them onboard. Whatever the case may be, we’ve got you covered with new Read and Edit permissions coming to the Tracking tabs under Management > Assets, Management > People, Onboard > Overview, and My Helm > Profile. In addition, we’re adding a new Change Log tab to give you full visibility into what changes are being made and by whom. And finally, we’re including a Last Updated column to the Crew Certifications data source so you can report on any changes made.

The Loading Dock: June 2023

Improvements to the Payroll Module

We’re working on several new tools to make your payroll tasks feel like a walk in the park. First, we’re enhancing the payroll rounding rules we introduced in Helm CONNECT 1.26 so you’ll be able to configure the hourly rounding option on earning codes instead of just on payroll classes. Next, when it comes to days off, you want to make sure your bases are covered, so we’re adding the ability to configure payroll scheme rules to generate pay for days off. And last but not least, we’re making it easier for payroll clerks to adjust crew payroll based on specific contract rates for individual customers.


Contact us today and learn more about these exciting new updates or for more information on what’s in development, be sure to check out our blog series, Through the Spyglass!


That brings our first volume of the Loading Dock to a close! Thank you all for reading and we’ll see you next month for Volume 2. Happy Helm-ing!