27 Jun 2023
Trevor Atkinson
Marketing Coordinator
Through the Spyglass- My Helm

Welcome to Through the Spyglass! In this series, we’ll be previewing some of the cutting-edge features coming to Helm CONNECT. Not only will you be getting an exclusive insight into what’s to come, but we’d also like to invite you to reach out and share with us what you think. This blog series will give you a look at what’s coming, but it’s your feedback that will truly drive the value of what we’re building, so don’t hesitate to reach out to your account manager!

*Development is always a work in progress and is not guaranteed for inclusion in future updates, as priorities and resources are subject to change.

Let’s get things started with My Helm, a groundbreaking feature planned for Helm CONNECT version 1.27! My Helm provides a space to keep your information organized and accessible while keeping you up to date on all your responsibilities. The first component of My Helm is already available – Work Rest was released in Helm CONNECT 1.25. Now with My Helm, we’ve created a complete home base for you, with a filtered and personalized view for your crew!

In My Helm, you’ll find Profile, To Do and Schedule. A later version will introduce Payroll, Documents, and more. Access granted based on your Helm CONNECT subscriptions. Today, we’ll be diving into the front-runners of My Helm, Profile and To Do, with a sneak peek into Payroll and Documents.


My Helm > Profile

With the activation of Helm CONNECT 1.27, all users will gain access to the first tab in My Helm Profile, called Details. This tool allows you to add and review your general information, ensuring that your personal details are correct and up to date. But that’s not all—you can also make real-time edits to your information with ease.


Emergency Contacts

My Helm > Profile

Safety is paramount in the maritime industry, and we understand the importance of maintaining accurate and accessible emergency contact information. Like Details, this tab will be available for all Helm CONNECT users, allowing you to review and manage your emergency contact list effortlessly and promptly. Within Profile, this tab also includes the ability to add custom files as needed, safekeeping all your vital emergency contact information.



My Helm > Profile

Managing your certifications can be a daunting task, but with My Helm Profile, it becomes a breeze. Organize your certifications, view updates, and manage your credentials on an interface that is clear and easy to use. Never worry about compliance again— People Tracking (renamed to Certifications for version 1.27) subscribers can stay informed and up-to-date and be ready for any inspection or audit.

Beyond the Spyglass: My Helm - Certifications

Demo View of My Helm Profile, Certifications tab.



My Helm > Profile

Need to prove compliance? My Helm Profile’s History feature has got you covered. Access your completed forms and certifications in an instant, allowing you to demonstrate your adherence to regulations and industry standards promptly and without any delay to your operations. This exciting tab, also found within Profile, will be available to all Forms and People Tracking subscribers upon the release of Helm CONNECT 1.27!


LMS History

My Helm > Profile

Continuous learning is an integral part of the maritime industry, and My Helm acknowledges that. Within Profile, the LMS History tab will allow you to view your completed courses at the click of a button. This provides an accessible space to keep track of your professional development as you continue to learn and grow in the maritime industry. In Helm CONNECT 1.27, this innovative tool will be available to all users integrated with Moxie Media with the possibility of expanding access in the future.



My Helm > To Do

Effective task management is crucial and a must for any multi-personnel operation — that’s why we’ve streamlined this process with the To Do tab. Know what you’re responsible for, see what’s coming down the pipe, and stay on top of your assignments. All FormsTasks, or Planned Maintenance subscribers will receive the Tasks tab, allowing you to receive critical updates and notifications much faster. Whether it’s a new task or changes to a current one, My Helm ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

Note: With the release of Helm CONNECT 1.27, Maintenance Tasks will be moved to My Helm To Do.


Through the Spyglass - My Helm - Tasks - Mobile

Demo View of My Helm To Do, Tasks (Smartphone View)


Request Pay

My Helm > Payroll

In the Request Pay tab, crew members can submit pay requests, see the status of their requests with real-time updates, and review the status of their accrual balances. Shore payroll admins can then review all Pay Requests, confirming, denying, or modifying with ease. While this tab is set to come to My Helm in the future, the release date is TBD. Let us know if this is something you’d like to see sooner – ask your account manager about My Helm Payroll!


Mobile Friendly Documents

My Helm > Documents

Coming soon to My Helm, Compliance Documents subscribers will have mobile friendly access to documents. Perfect for anyone constantly on the go, Mobile Friendly Documents will allow you to read shared documents instantly, from anywhere.



While My Helm is designed with the user in mind, it remains loyal to the overall efficiency of your operations. That’s why every tab has user permissions that are managed by your Helm Administrator. Set your desired level of read and edit permissions and customize My Helm to best suit your business.

What do you Want to See in Helm CONNECT?

That’s it for this look Through the Spyglass at My Helm! Do you have something you’d like to see within My Helm, or in another area of Helm CONNECT? Don’t hesitate to share your comments, questions, or concerns by contacting your account manager today. Until next time, happy Helm-ing!


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