25 Jun 2018
Peter Rowand
Marketing and Business Development


TBS talking about the ease of implementing Helm CONNECT Maintenance and Compliance

Tug and Barge Solutions (TBS) offer a turn-key solution for Subchapter M inclusive of all TSMS manuals and procedures for fleet and annual vessel surveys. TBS partnered with Helm Operations in 2016 so they could provide services to their clients using Helm CONNECT as the software platform for their safety management system.

With the intimidating Sub M regulations now in place, TBS has experienced a flood of new clients. Erin Pugh, Compliance Coordinator at TBS, is responsible for implementing customers and ensuring they complete the necessary forms every month to prove their compliance to auditors. Previously, TBS used a time consuming paper-based system which required customers to fill in forms stored in bulky binders and mail them to Erin for reviewing and scoring. Then they found Helm CONNECT.

Switching over to Helm CONNECT was a far easier process than they anticipated it would be. “We have a very large library of forms, but it maybe took me a day to get everything into Helm CONNECT,” Erin told us.

With Helm CONNECT Compliance these customizable forms are built right into the system, reducing the time it takes for businesses to get up and running. “It’s simple. Whenever we take on a new customer the process of getting them going is very short.”

Helm CONNECT has also helped Erin simplify the process of proving customer’s compliance to auditors. She previously tracked employee training in large excel spreadsheets which were difficult to maintain with precision. Now that she is using Helm CONNECT, employee records are updated faster and with increased accuracy because each person has their own individual file where their training progress is logged as it occurs in the system.

“When they [auditors] ask to see the training, I can just pull up one individual and show them all their training for the entire year right in their personnel file, along with all their certifications that they may have asked to see like a TWIC card, MMC, radio or radar license. Everything is right in there and we can see if it is validated or not”.

Listen to Erin Pugh describe her experience of implementing Helm CONNECT.