10 Mar 2020
Peter Rowand
Marketing and Business Development

Crew that participated in the remote training package

Last week we put up the first of a four-part series of posts about proper implementation practices and the implementation packages we offer for Helm CONNECT. It focused on the four key phases of an implementation, which you can check out here.

This week we’ll explore the first of three implementation options Helm CONNECT customers can choose from, our Remote Training Package. This package is the perfect way to receive training while staying within a budget. We recommend the Remote Training Package for smaller operators with only one or two Helm admin users. With this option, a Helm Implementation Specialist works with the customer in gathering data and training them remotely online on every aspect of their purchased Helm CONNECT products.

One of the companies we recommended a Remote Training Package to was Korevaar Marine Group, a small family owned and operated maritime company operating on the east coast of Australia since 1967. When Neil Pollard, Korevaar’s Marine Operations Manager, made the decision to purchase Helm CONNECT, he had a clear idea of what he needed: a system that would help manage operations on their busy fuel bunker, Bunker V. Neil knew that an implementation package would be helpful, but onsite training was cost-prohibitive, so we recommended the Remote Training Package to him. This option provided cost savings and flexibility that suited the busy schedules of the Korevaar superusers.

Korevaar’s implementation was successful because of some key actions it took. The training sessions with our Implementation Specialist were always focused and led to action items for both companies to complete. In subsequent meetings, we could always count on the Korevaar superusers doing their homework, which was essential to their progress being timely and consistent.

Typically, one of the more challenging parts of an implementation is transitioning crew to the new system. To help manage this, Korevaar wisely rolled out Helm CONNECT to crews in a stepwise manner, making for an easier workflow transition to crew members. In the beginning, the company only started with Maintenance, but by the time its implementation was complete it had also added ComplianceInventory, Events, and Certifications.

Korevaar’s effective implementation of Helm CONNECT was really due to their own making. Regular engagement with the software, iterative tweaking to the configuration, and gradual introduction to crews were all key to the success of their implementation. Being remotely trained also worked well for the company, as it fit both their goals and their budget.

Be sure to come back next week to learn about our Onsite Training Package and see what best practices the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority used to successfully implement Helm CONNECT on their vessels.