03 Mar 2020
Peter Rowand
Marketing and Business Development

Professional Services - What can our team do for you?

Did you know that we’ve completed successful implementations for over 100 customers? That’s because our implementation specialists are true Helm CONNECT experts. By taking the time to understand our customers and their businesses, we can offer best practices to optimize their individual systems while personalizing support for their needs. Helping our customers find value as soon as possible is our goal, and we achieve this by helping them set success criteria so they can track the value they are getting out of the project. This all starts with implementation!

We believe that a successful implementation process requires four key phases.

Data Collection– the first thing we do is train the customer’s team on the basic concepts needed to gather the data they would like configured in the system. Data collection is critical to the success of an implementation because the data configured in the system forms the backbone of the customer’s business in Helm CONNECT.

Training – we offer superuser training for admin users, and utilize a train-the-trainer approach to ensure those users have both the expertise and autonomy for ongoing success. This is the phase where the customer becomes an expert in Helm CONNECT. As part of this process, the Helm implementation specialist and the superuser will complete as much configuration as possible. At the end of the training, we provide a detailed list of remaining tasks to allow for a clear plan to go-live.

Configuration – this is the customer’s time to finish configuration with our support team so they can ask any questions they may have. You know what they say, “practice makes perfect.” This is where the customer solidifies their fluency in Helm CONNECT and ensures the retention of everything they were taught.

Go-live – in this phase the customer installs Helm CONNECT on board their vessels and completes end-user training on the system. End-user training is critical to ensure that the system is used properly on the ground level. A strong end-user training plan leads to higher adoption among users, better data for reporting, and a greater chance of overall success.

These four steps, as well as customers being actively engaged and committed to adoption, are vital for effective implementation. When customers are not dedicated to this process, we commonly see the following issues:

  • Lower adoption rates of the system
  • Users not leveraging the full functionality of the system
  • Users not being able to get data out of the system effectively

To mitigate the likelihood of these problems occurring and to ensure we bring our customers the most value possible, we have created three training and implementation packages which all follow those four critical steps: Remote Training, Onsite Training, and Custom Implementation. The option we recommend to customers is dependent on their location, size, amount of computer knowledge, and level of support needed.

Check in next week to learn more about our Remote Training Package and to hear the story of Korevaar Marine Group, a small maritime company in Australia who chose a remote implementation of Helm CONNECT. Don’t miss it!