28 May 2018
Peter Rowand
Marketing and Business Development

HR Solution | Helm CONNECT

Remember the days before cell phones? When people planned their conversations, took time to prepare, and chose the right words to express themselves? By the time a conversation happened, its message was clear.

Today, information moves fast. It’s ever changing and hard to control. And the more people you invite to the conversation, the more tangled it becomes.

This fast-paced communication has made Human Resources a complex, time-consuming field. Today’s HR professionals spend more time than they’d like answering phones and emails, calculating payroll, and forecasting schedules. In response, many are turning to specialized tools and services to automate their processes and get back the time to develop the skills of their employees and provide services that add value to their companies.

If you’re looking for a new HR solution that will both satisfy demanding regulations and align with the future plans of your business remember, you’ve got options!


Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Involve the people responsible for the conversation, such as your team members from HR, IT, recruitment, scheduling, and payroll. They’ll have valuable input and their involvement will help with buy in.
  • Determine your team’s “must haves,” such as mobility, integrations, and ease-of-use.
  • Focus on the pieces you need and look for solutions that provide a la carte options.
  • Decide where integration is better. API’s are becoming more common because they provide simple solutions for using multiple software and platform providers.
  • Outsource by hiring external service specialists to help alleviate unnecessary stress.


How long will it take?

Be diligent in your selection process. And remember, putting the effort in early will save you time during implementation. Once you’ve selected your tool, here are some general guidelines about the length of implementation:

  • Small to medium company: Expect two to three months of roll-out time, depending on your payroll cycle. We recommend you complete three parallel payrolls by inputting information in both the new way and the old way for three successful pay periods. Payroll is a sensitive task, so it’s important to get it right.
  • Medium to large company: Your implementation could take six to nine months. Although your tasks are similar to those of smaller companies, you have more people and that means more complexity with all the ins and outs of their “special terms”.
  • Large company: Whether you’re replacing all or a portion of your process, you can expect nine to eighteen months for your implementation to account for the integration of several different systems. We recommend you perform four to six parallel pay periods to capture any possible scenarios.


Still on the fence? Consider this: choosing the right HR solution is well worth it. It’ll ensure you start spending less time sorting through documents and more time improving the culture within your business.

Want to know if Helm CONNECT Personnel is the right HR solution for your operations? Book a demo with us today to find out!