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Helm Official Partners

Meet Tiller Technical

  • Tiller Technical LogoTiller Technical is an engineering and operations support company based in Perth, Western Australia, offering safety system and maintenance plans for commercial vessels according to AMSA & MNZ requirements.
  • When you purchase Helm CONNECT through Tiller Technical, they use their industry expertise and local knowledge to configure, implement, and support the software according to your company’s unique needs. While training your crew on Helm CONNECT, they focus on instilling best practices that will improve operational efficiency and ensure your business gains value.
  • Director, Drew Pirrit, is an active marine engineer with over 15 years of engineering and technical management experience. He has worked extensively with mining and offshore support fleets in the Pilbara region, helping companies set up, manage, and support new operations by focusing on fleet reliability and supply chain management.
  • To get in touch with Tiller Technical, call +61.448.459.940, email, or visit their website.

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