20 Oct 2022
Liam Cameron
Customer Innovation Manager


illustrated integration


Automate your processes. Save time. Make your tools work for you.

This is Part 1 of our Integration series. Stay tuned for Part 2!

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What is an integration?

It’s a way to share data from one system to the next which provides you with more features, options and functionality while using your software.

Your business consists of an ecosystem of software platforms that assist in generating value. That means, of course, that you’re dealing with a higher volume of data from a much wider array of data sources than in the past.

Helm has out-the-box integrations to industry-leading software platforms that enable you to streamline your operations using automated workflows. This lets you manage data in one system while using functionalities provided by different systems, leading to more efficient workflows.helm connect integrating with other software platforms

How Helm can get you integrated fast

Having built hundreds of integrations, Helm’s experience in getting data in and out of Helm CONNECT makes us the ideal partner to connect to other tools. There are lots of ways to build an integration: from purchasing a tool, to hiring a development agency or building it yourself in-house. But by using Helm’s pre-built offerings, you’ll be able to go live sooner with expert-designed workflows, all at a lower cost.

Helm has standard integration offerings to many different data points in Helm CONNECT, and to most common platforms.


Popular Helm CONNECT Integrations:

  • Users

  • Jobs:

    • AR Transactions

    • Customers

    • Locations

    • Ships

  • Personnel

    • Payroll

    • Work Periods

  • Maintenance

    • Tasks

    • Checklists

  • Inventory

    • Requisitions

    • Inventory

    • Part Catalogues

  • Compliance

    • Corrective Actions

Systems We’ve Integrated With Include:

  • SAP

  • Oracle

  • Sage

  • QuickBooks

  • Navision

  • Dynamics

  • Great Plains

  • PeopleSoft

  • Workday

  • Green Tree

  • Moxie Media

  • Marine Learning Systems

Top 5 reasons to add an integration to your operations:

  1. Efficiency, productivity, accuracy, and consistency from a single source of truth.
  2. Leveraging Helm’s catalog of pre-built integrations and customizations means you don’t have to design, resource, develop, deploy, and support your own solution.
  3. Ditching manual entry means saving time and increasing agility.
  4. Reduce employee training – crew only need to access one system.
  5. Improved decision making – the business can access real-time data from across platforms in one location.



Now you know what an integration is, and how they can improve the efficiency and robustness of the systems you already use. Plus, you’ve seen that Helm CONNECT can integrate with a wide variety of software platforms, and why our existing integration solutions are preferable to building new ones from scratch. In Part 2 of our series, we’ll take a look at some examples of Helm CONNECT integrations in action. If you’re ready to get started on an integration right now, get in touch with us!