20 Jan 2023
Kate Toporowski
Marketing Coordinator

Our First Show of 2023: PVA MariTrends!

It’s 2023 and we are officially kicking off this year’s trade shows with a favourite of ours – the PVA Annual Conference at MariTrends! During the PVA Conference (Feb 2-5 in Long Beach, CA), we will be accompanied by our friends at TBS (Tug and Barge Solutions), who are experts at implementing Safety Management Systems, which will be a hot topic. TBS also provides customers with a Helm CONNECT platform-based SMS system incorporating maintenance and compliance routines; data from forms, compliance and maintenance routines completed by the crew are instantly shared with the vessels’ operators and TBS, allowing TBS to provide feedback and manage compliance and safety in near real time.

New this year is something exciting for us – we’ll be speaking at MariTrends as well! The conference provides a range of sessions, workshops, and roundtables that offer up-to-date knowledge and insights tailored to the industry and its business objectives. As part of that, Liam Cameron, our Customer Innovation Manager, will explain the importance of integrations and how they can work wonders for your business.

During a walkthrough session, Liam will demonstrate how integrations can enable automations that streamline your business, including no-code automations, app development, and automated regulatory reporting. If you want to improve the efficiency, productivity, and accuracy of your fleet operations while saving time and money, you’ll want to attend.


Don’t Miss Out on Exciting Updates at the Show!

We recently released a new version of our software called Helm CONNECT 1.25. The new release is full of several advancements and updates, including:

    1. Readings APIs – automatically import readings taken by external systems, such as sensor monitors, directly into Helm CONNECT.
    2. Logbooks – create, view and print reports based on external readings and activities.
    3. Crew Scheduling – our new module is a simple, visual way to quickly assign crew to assets. You can learn more about it from this blog post!


Be sure to attend the PVA Annual Conference at MariTrends , where we’ll be showcasing our new and improved features. If you’re attending and want to book some time with us, click here and let’s set something up. We hope to see you there!