17 Aug 2017
Sarah Adams
Director of Product

Hey there!

I’m Sarah Adams, Product Marketing Manager here at Helm Operations. My team and I work with our users and our developers to help design the product improvements, new features, and modules that make Helm CONNECT even more awesome with each release.

For the 1.5 release, we’ve made more than 30 improvements to Helm CONNECT, including fixes and improvements based on your feedback, as well as some great new features that will make Helm CONNECT even better for you and your crews.

Here are some of the new things you can expect in the release:

Fully Customizable Spaces
You wanted more flexibility for your fleet in Helm CONNECT, and we’re delivering by making spaces fully customizable. With this release, you can now customize Helm CONNECT to match your operations by assigning specific assets to each of your spaces. Want just a single space available for a smaller vessel? You can do that. How about a specific space just for your facilities or warehouses? You can do that too.

Update Certifications from Forms
We know staying on top of your certifications and training is hard, especially when it comes to drills and crew training onboard. In another improvement based directly on your feedback, we added a new Update Certification option to form templates. If you link a form to a certification, it will automatically be updated for selected crew or assets when the form is submitted. Keeping track of your drills and training has never been easier.

Acknowledge and Print Documents
For Helm CONNECT Compliance, this was one of your top pieces of feedback. That’s why I’m proud to announce that you can now print your documents from Helm CONNECT. Better yet, your captains can now acknowledge which documents they receive onboard your assets, and you can easily see from shore which ones have been acknowledged.

Helm CONNECT introduces Inventory!
Lastly, and most importantly, our newest module, Helm CONNECT Inventory, is almost here!!!

You asked for a more powerful system to track part inventories across your assets and manage purchase orders, and developing that system has been our number one priority. While slated for full release in Q4 2017, we’re making a portion of Helm CONNECT Inventory available now! (And at a discount for early adopters!)

In this release, you’ll gain access to both onboard and shore versions of our new Inventory dashboard, so you can quickly see current parts estimates for each vessel and across your fleet. You can also track part consumption on individual tasks, as well as through inventory counts and your onshore and onboard inventory dashboards. And these exciting features are just the beginning. Over the next few releases, we’ll be rolling out more features, including component and part transfers, and purchase order tracking.

That’s only a sample of the improvements available in this release. For full details, check out the Release Notes here.

It’s your feedback that makes Helm CONNECT great. We look forward to hearing from you about this release.

Until next time,

Sarah Adams is the Product Marketing Manager for Helm Operations. Sarah can be found mapping out the Product Vision through whiteboard diagramming mastery as well as developing strategic planning tools for the entire Helm Team to make Helm CONNECT the most powerful modular software solution for our customers.