22 Feb 2022
Cheryl Predy
Marketing Coordinator

It’s time for MariTrends 2022, the Passenger Vessel Association’s Convention in Covington, Kentucky. It’s the key annual event in North America for passenger vessel operators, with leaders across industry and government gathering to share knowledge and insights about passenger vessel operations – and Helm Operations (along with our Partner TBS Safety) will be there. Join us March 4-7 as we show you (in person!) the capabilities and latest updates in Helm CONNECT that serve our passenger vessel operators.

We’re looking forward to discussing the challenges we’re seeing in the industry, including impending U.S. Coast Guard regulations. Changes are coming to the passenger vessel industry, with a focus on Safety Management System (SMS) use for operators. The USCG is currently evaluating the feasibility of requiring SMS on board U.S.-flagged passenger vessels, extending beyond COIs and setting a goal to improve safety and reduce marine casualties. While a rule has yet to be published, it is only a matter of time before SMS will be required on passenger vessels: Helm and TBS are ready to help our customers meet the regulated system requirements coming from the USCG.

“We’re seeing changes coming and will be taking our knowledge earned from applying SMS to hundreds of tug and barge vessels, to help operators in the passenger vessel industry approach regulations and achieve compliance,” says Pat Folan, President of TBS. “We know how to build safety management systems that are simple and easy for crews to use.”.

TBS provides customers with a Helm CONNECT platform-based SMS system incorporating maintenance and compliance routines; data from forms, compliance and maintenance routines completed by the crew are instantly shared with the vessels’ operators and TBS, allowing TBS to provide feedback and manage compliance and safety in near real time.

The Helm and TBS team are ready to discuss these changes with you, as well as the challenges around operating in the pandemic and the need to build efficiencies in your marine operations. We’ll have a station set up to demo Helm CONNECT and our latest and greatest modules, Logbook and Work Rest, and the chance to spend valuable one-to-one time with Helm experts Erin, Pat, and Steve. And, snag yourself a pair of the famous Helm socks!

Come say ‘hello’ at MariTrends booth #28 We would love to see you!  Want to book some time in advance with the Helm crew to discuss? Fill out the form and we’ll arrange a meeting.