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Helm Official Partners

A Network You Can Trust

Helm Official Partners are trusted third party companies that are licensed to sell and implement Helm CONNECT. They are fully trained and offer a variety of services including maintenance planning, compliance management, implementation, auditing, consulting, and more. They provide a local presence and expertise, backed with the power and flexibility of Helm CONNECT. 

As a Helm Official Partner, you would be responsible for overseeing sales from initial outreach to final sale, implementing and training customers on Helm CONNECT, and providing ongoing account management and Tier 1 support. If you’re interested in becoming a Helm Official Partner, apply now!

Meet Our Helm Official Partners

One of our Helm Official Partners, TBS
One of our Helm Official Partners, the ACTion group
Our Partner, Potamoi Industries
Our Partner, Potamoi Industries

Benefits of Being a Helm Official Partner

Take Advantage of a High Growth Opportunity

Helm CONNECT is the industry’s fastest growing maritime software platform, used by more than 4000 worldwide in just four years since its launch. No other platform has grown as quickly as Helm CONNECT, and our constantly evolving roadmap means there will be even greater opportunities in the future.

Become a Valued Partner

As an Official Helm Partner you will have access to ongoing training, resources to help with outreach and sales, access to our support team, discounted rates for attendance and sponsorship at our annual conference, opportunities to collaborate at tradeshows, and recognition through blog posts, feature articles, and representation on our website.

Build a Strong, Recurring Revenue Business

Our resellers partners earn up to a 30% revenue share on our software, and 100% of the professional service fees for implementation and training services.

Give Your Customers a User-Friendly Software Solution to Streamline Their Operations

We design our software to be user-friendly and intuitive, so you can rest easy knowing that end-users can quickly and easily adopt the system into their everyday workflows.

Are You a Good Fit?

If you’re thinking of becoming a Helm partner, there’s a few things you need to consider. Most importantly, we look for like-minded companies that have a passion for the maritime industry, are customer-centric, have a great company culture dedicated to success, and are keen to grow their business by offering the industry’s leading software to their customers.

Helm Official Partner FAQs

What is the difference between a Helm Official Partner and Helm Referral Partner?

The biggest difference between being a Helm Official Partner and a Helm Referral Partner is the level of involvement in the sale of the software and the ongoing support of customers. Helm Official Partners are trusted third party companies that are fully trained and authorized to sell, implement, and support Helm CONNECT. They retain a share of the revenue generated from the sale of Helm CONNECT and the full amount of revenue generate from implementation, support, and any other services they provide.

In comparison, Helm Referral Partners are industry experts who can speak to the value of Helm CONNECT and leverage their connections to find opportunities where Helm may be a good fit for companies. Once our partners have identified a referral opportunity, it is up to Helm to qualify the referral and fully manage the sales, implementation, and support process. If a referred company signs an agreement with Helm within the defined timeline, then the referral partner is entitled to a percentage of the revenue.

What are the qualities of an ideal Helm Official Partner?

Our ideal Helm Official Partner will have…

  • A great reputation in the maritime industry and an existing customer base
  • Expertise in marine maintenance, safety, compliance, and personnel regulations within their region, from both an operational and regulatory standpoint
  • Resources in place to support a partnership endeavor, including a staff member to manage the partnership, financial resources to invest in training, and dedicated time to get up and running
  • Technical ability to implement and support Helm CONNECT
  • Ability to understand customer needs and recommend a problem-solving solution with Helm CONNECT
  • Marketing resources including a website, social pages, experience in tradeshows, etc.
  • Sales experience in outreach, negotiations, follow-up, and account management 
  • Successful business or solution that is optimized if offered through an electronic operational system like Helm CONNECT
Does a Helm Official Partner need to be focused on selling to a specific company size and/or organization type?

There are no restrictions on the size of companies a Helm Official Partner can sell to, however, we recommended they start small and build up to mid-size or larger fleets as they gain more experience.  


Are there geographic limitations to where your ideal Helm Official Partner should be or sell to?

Each Helm Official Partner has dedicated geographic regions they focus on. However, if an opportunity presents itself outside of this region, we work with flexibly with our partners  to address any potential issues and help them pursue the opportunity. 

Do you want to recruit Helm Official Partners who already sell a product(s) competing with yours, or do you want to find and educate resellers who don’t have any affiliation with your competition?

We prefer to have exclusivity when we partner with companies, however we work with our partners to achieve the best option for all parties.  


What is the process for onboarding new Helm Official Partners?

Our goal is to build successful partnerships, so first we evaluate all potential partners based on their reputation in the industry, service and software alignment with Helm CONNECT, financial stability, existing client base, marketing resources, technical knowledge, and culture. If we find the company is a good fit, we then sign a partnership  agreement. After the agreement is signed, we onboard the partner. This consists of an intensive training program with our implementation specialists and an introduction to our proven sales-process to equip partners with the tools they need to be successful. 

Is industry knowledge important for selling the product?

Yes, we require our partners have industry knowledge as well as experience working in the maritime industry. 

From a customer perspective, what are the advantages of choosing Helm CONNECT?
  • Easy to Use: Helm CONNECT is designed to be simple to learn and easy to use without complex training and without hurting your eyes. Take it from us, Helm CONNECT may just be the first software system your crew will actually enjoy using.
  • Quick to Implement: With Helm CONNECT, you’ll have the tools and experts to help you get up and running quickly. Our goal is to get you live in as little as 30 days.
  • Simple to Support: Helm CONNECT is cloud-based, redundant and fully securely hosted on Amazon Web Services, and designed to be future-proof. It’s available online, 24/7 from anywhere in the world – including disconnected access on your vessels. No servers or expensive hardware needed.
  • Built to Integrate: Helm CONNECT is designed to make your data available to all of your systems. Integrate Helm CONNECT with your systems, or export and analyze your data in PowerBI or other intelligence tools seamlessly through our APIs and web-hook engine.



How do you prevent conflict between partners within the same geographical area?

We take a customer-centric approach to operations, and if faced with conflict, we work with our partners to determine what is in the best interest of the customer. We encourage and work with all our partners to take time to understand and to be able to communicate their value propositions, and what makes them special and different from their competition. 


Does your ideal Helm Official Partner need to know a "horizontal" product or business category well, and/or do they need to know a specific vertical well?

Helm Official Partners may choose to specialize in a specific vertical, such as work boats, passenger vessels, marine construction, etc., but that’s not a requirement for partnership. However, we do require all Helm Official Partners to have a strong knowledge of the maritime industry and specialize in one or more of the following areas:  

  • Planned/Preventative Maintenance
  • Safety Management/Compliance
  • Crew Scheduling/Personnel 
  • Harbor Dispatch


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