Reduce billing time and errors significantly with Helm Jobs software.


A harbor service customer who had grown through acquisition of multiple ports came to us with the following challenges.


  • Managing multiple tariffs and customer contracts manually from multiple geographically dispersed ports. This caused invoicing errors and delays in billing. Previously, producing an invoice could take up to 1 month because of billing errors holding up the process.
  • Head office had poor data visibility into the individual operations at a global, regional, and port level.
  • Staff resistance to change was identified as a potential pitfall to this legacy software replacement project.
As a direct result of implementing Helm, this harbor services customer was able to solve all of their challenges. The results have been impressive and include the following:


  • Discovery of missed billing in the form of over time charges, late/change fees and more totalling $200,000 in the first year.
  • Invoices have a 24-hour turn-around time,as opposed to the previous turn-around of up to 3-5 business days.
  • Credits and rebills were greatly reduced. A year after go-live, and 5000+ invoices later, they have only had a handful of invoices that needed changes.
  • Tariff management was reduced by 77%. A simple increase to a tariff needed a 6-month window is now done in 6 weeks.
  • Management now has global visibility into their operations. Operational and billing data is consolidated at head office in real-time.
  • Staff eager to adopt the system after benefits of time saving realized.


Other harbor services customer results after 1 year using Helm