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Stay compliant with all your audits and regulations with Helm CONNECT Compliance  

Helm CONNECT Compliance

The pressure of staying compliant with the growing amount of regulations is a real problem. Using a bunch of tools, like Excel, whiteboards, email and even paper can bring challenges to your compliance program. These tools can increase the likelihood of out-dated forms or safety policies being used, corrective action items falling through the cracks, or having disorganized compliance information which can make an audit, whether internal or external longer and more challenging.

With Helm CONNECT Compliance, all of these problems become a thing of the past. Your crew will never fill out out-dated material again. The creation and management of corrective actions are integrated and are automatically tracked by the system so you can close the loop and never have anything fall through the cracks again. What’s more, with Helm CONNECT, everything is stored in one place, so it’s easy to present an auditor with your findings, no matter what they ask for, making their audits more efficient and boosting your company’s reputation for compliance.

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Helm CONNECT Forms makes it easy for your staff and crew to track drills, safety meetings, incidents and other activities. 

With Forms, you’ll increase your efficiency by being able to create and distribute forms instantly to a portion of your vessels or your entire fleet, and remove the cumbersome aspect of tracking down the right form by filtering and searching for forms easily in the Forms library.

Key Benefits

  • Easily build custom forms to meet your specific needs  with customizable drop downs, buttons, and features to match almost any paper form.
  • Stay compliant by ensuring the most current version of all forms are being used by your crews.
  • Make it easy for your crew to find the right form, to complete it and submit it so they can get back to their job.
  • Save time by easily distributing your forms to specific vessels or to your entire fleet.
  • Quickly retrieve the history of form records and data.


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Helm CONNECT Audits enables you to conduct internal audits, create observations and enter pass/fail on audit questions to generate non-conformities, plus you can enter all external audit findings, including non-conformities and observations. You can also close an audit once all findings have been given a corrective action plan. And because all of your compliance information is stored in one place you can give auditors the exact information they need. No more searching for incomplete information. So your audits get completed on time, making you and your auditor much happier.

Key Benefits

  • Build internal audit templates using a range of field types, including fields that automatically generate audit findings
  • Schedule audits and receive email notifications to stay on top of different steps throughout the process
  • Quickly retrieve the full scope of an audit’s history
  • View and print the audit report comprised of the completed checklist, meta data and findings
  • Close findings when all corrective actions have been finished
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Helm CONNECT Documents ensures your crews have access to the current version of your key documents, including safety policies, procedure manuals, and bulletins. Crew will always see the most recent version of any updated document.

Key Benefits

  • Easily organize and search your document library to efficiently access and manage document records.
  • Manage version control of each uploaded document.
  • Distribute documents to specific assets or divisions.
  • Track which assets have received the most recent version of a document.
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Corrective Actions

Helm CONNECT Corrective Actions ensures all your information is in one place, so nothing slips through the cracks. And if something does lapse, Helm CONNECT reminds you through notifications. You can easily assign corrective actions to shore departments or to assets as required and you can attach any digital document you need to provide clarity, like notes, documents and even photos. Helm CONNECT also allows you to view, search and filter corrective actions incoming from internal and external audits, and from your crew onboard.

Key Benefits

  • Create corrective actions directly from Forms and Audits that have been completed in Helm.
  • View, search and filter corrective actions by source, assignee, due date, status, & priority.
  • Add corrective actions right to your crew's to do list.
  • Manage all corrective actions through one system.

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