02 May 2023
Trevor Atkinson
Marketing Coordinator

California-based workforce management solutions provider, 10ure, has announced the launch of a mobile first license verification platform integration with Helm CONNECT, the flagship fleet operations software from Canadian maritime company Helm Operations.

Helm Account Executive, Paul Cyr (right), and 10ure CEO Hemzeh Abdelmuti (left)

The innovative credential management solution from 10ure is designed to enable employees and employers in the maritime industry to manage their licenses and credentials on-the-go, with real-time verification ensuring compliance and enhanced internal communication.

A highly versatile solution, the intuitive platform analyzes shared documents and provides Helm CONNECT admins with immediate access to real-time data, allowing them to take prompt action when required. Its user-friendly interface is easy to use, and employers can ensure their workforce remains compliant as the platform provides notifications when employees and crew members credential details change. The chat system also makes it easy to communicate and share documents with users.

According to Hemzeh Abdelmuti, CEO of 10ure: “Establishing clear and concise lines of communication is essential in any industry but has often been a challenge in the maritime industry. The 10ure platform simplifies the process and provides real-time data that can benefit both the Helm CONNECT customer and mariner.”

Nolan Barclay, CEO at Helm Operations, said: “Providing Helm CONNECT users with an integration that helps streamline processes while reducing the burden of keeping vessel and crew information up to date is a key aspect of the service we provide. Helm’s integration partners help enhance the user experience and we are delighted to have 10ure onboard as our latest collaborator.”

To learn more about the license verification platform and Helm CONNECT capabilities, please contact our team today.