13 Jul 2023
Trevor Atkinson
Marketing Coordinator
Helm Conference 2023: Interview with Training Day Lead

Helm Conference Training Day is Back!

Helm Conference is on the horizon, and we’re thrilled to tell you all about the return of Training Day! Back with a serious upgrade, Training Day offers the very best Helm CONNECT training. We’ve got new Zero to Hero streams (also great for experienced users) with four certifications available, as well as a Power User stream for our more advanced users. No matter your previous Helm CONNECT knowledge or skill level, Training Day has something to offer for everyone.

Helm Conference 2023: Interview with Training Day Lead

Interview with Training Day Lead

Rob Petley-Jones

Who better to tell us about Training Day than our very own Director of Professional Services, Rob Petley-Jones? I got to sit down with him and asked what his team has in store for us. Here’s what he had to say:

Let’s start at the beginning – what is Training Day? Why is it valuable for participants?

“At its core, Training Day is a full day of in-depth Helm CONNECT training. These training sessions will build a strong foundation for beginners and help advanced users reach the next level. It’s a day of collaborative sessions that will teach you new skills, and/or get you Helm CONNECT Certified – all while learning and connecting with other industry leaders.”

What about the content? Could you tell me a bit about what will be covered during Training Day?

“We’re excited to offer so many varying topics this year and those interested should check out the Training Day webpage for all the information. To give an overview, we’ll have two certifications available each for both English and Spanish through our Zero to Hero streams. For advanced users we’ll have several sessions focused on taking your Helm CONNECT tenant to the next level. Some of those topics will dive into Reporting, Logbook, Helm Analytics and more.”

Why were these specific topics chosen?

“Our goal was to diversify our courses to benefit attendees of all skill levels. We also wanted to offer content for both English and Spanish customers as we now have a large Spanish-speaking customer base. For the advanced users, we aimed to keep the track focused on the highest value courses as dictated by our customers.”

Are there any prerequisites or previous Helm CONNECT knowledge requirements for attendees to make the most of Training Day?

“There is no Helm CONNECT knowledge required prior to Training Day. We’re excited to offer a new set of streams this year called Zero to Hero. These courses will jump start new users and get them Helm CONNECT certified – but don’t shy away from them if you HAVE used Helm CONNECT before. Our Zero to Hero tracks will still go in-depth into all functionality and will likely have many “a-ha” moments, even for a seasoned user.”

What about those looking to advance their existing Helm CONNECT knowledge?

“For experienced users, we have the Power User track. This track was designed to leverage a strong knowledge base and take it to the next level, as we’ll cover Advanced Reporting, Exceptions Reporting, and Operational Reporting. We’ll also develop skills that directly improve ongoing management and Helm CONNECT implementation with topics like “How to Audit Your System and Improve Data”, and “How to Train and Re-Train Users”.

Many individuals have the option to take traditional Helm CONNECT training courses. What advantages does Helm Conference’s Training Day offer over these traditional courses?

“Training Day gives users the opportunity to learn in an out-of-office scenario. We’ve found this provides a heightened level of focus while also providing an opportunity to speak with and learn from attendees from dozens of other companies. Essentially, it creates a space to share ideas and best practices that normally wouldn’t be present through our traditional course route. Not to mention, Training Day is way more cost-effective than by-the-hour training.”

Is there anything else you’d like potential attendees to know about Training Day?

“It’s fun! Training Day is simply a great way to learn in a collaborative environment.”

There you have it! This year’s Training Day is set to be a stellar one. We hope we were able to answer some of your questions and get you all the info you need before getting down to business at Helm Conference this October. Remember, Training Day session sizes are limited, so register now to make sure you get the courses you’re interested in. Also, Early Bird pricing is ending soon, so don’t delay – register now!

For more, check out our Training Day page, and keep an eye out for the latest developments on our blog and social media. Until next time, happy Helm-ing!