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SMIT  Canada

Description: SAAM-SMIT Towage Canada (SAAM-SMIT Canada) a joint operation between Boskalis B.V. of the Netherlands and SAAM S.A. of Chile a cooperation which spans Canada, Mexico, Panama and Brazil.  SAAM-SMIT Canada is based out of Vancouver, BC and has divisions in harbor services, cargo barging, and chip barging.

Challenge: SAAM-SMIT Canada was running its operations on an old legacy software system built in the 80s. Due to the age of the system, it was becoming more difficult to maintain it, which posed an operational risk for the company.

SAAM-SMIT Canada’s dispatch system for harbor services was automated through this AS400 legacy system, but all other areas of the company were managed through paper, which made it difficult to generate timely, accurate invoices, drill down into any reporting management required and pass over dispatch information from one location to another efficiently. 

Proposed Solution:
Helm Dispatch Manager™ for harbor services was the best fit for SAAM-SMIT Canada’s requirements. Helm also proposed customizing a dispatch module for SAAM-SMIT Canada’s cargo barging. All billing functions for both areas would be automated, eliminating the need to manually record and calculate invoices based on variable rates. The dispatch modules would also integrate the data feed from the pilots, identically to SAAM-SMIT Canada’s legacy system.

SAAM-SMIT Canada has been live with Helm Dispatch Manager for their harbor services and cargo barging for since 2008. During that time, SMIT was able to weather a difficult economy by consolidating their dispatching to one central location. They were also able to save overhead by automating all billing, eliminating the need of two full-time dedicated people.

Drill down reporting for management is instant instead of taking weeks at a time in SAAM-SMIT Canada’s old mash-up system.