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Blessey Marine Services Inc. 


Description:  Blessey is an inland barging company that runs a fleet of pushboats and liquid bulk tank barges on the inland river system of the USA. They use Helm Onboard™ to collect trip information through the Captain’s Log application, which is automatically sent to the Helm main server at their head office. They also integrated all of their departments by sharing data through the Helm suite of modules.

 Blessey's refinery customers are on a consistent need-to-know basis with regards to the location of their tugs and fuel barges so that peak capacity is never reached and a suspension of production isn’t necessary. They expect Blessey to notify them twice daily of the location of every tug in their fleet.  

Blessey required a new dispatch system as well as a new onboard system, but couldn’t manage a disruption in operations while a new software system was implemented.

The Solution: 
Blessey approached Helm because of our familiarity with the fuel barging industry, having just implemented a dispatch system for a blue water fuel barging company, Penn Maritime.

Helm interviewed captains and crew at Blessey to learn what issues they had with their current onboard system and what they would require of their new system. The response was resounding: “Create boater-friendly software that doesn’t get in our way.”

Helm then created an intuitive, onboard system with a simple interface that allowed captains and crew to easily input data. It also was developed with an onboard database, so that it did not require a persistent connection with shore. The software would auto connect with shore through a series of protocols, starting with the cheapest method, WiFi, then cellular, the satellite. The software would continue searching until a connection was found. Captains would not have to babysit the system any longer. They could concentrate on running their vessel.


“Since going live with several modules I have had many complementary comments from our various departments. Our vessel captains are also very pleased with the Helm Onboard product and find that the ease of use is far superior to our old logs application.”
- Al Cavalier, Blessey Marine Services Inc. 

Outcome: All Blessey tugs now operated Helm Onboard for their Captain’s Log entries. Due to the simplicity of the interface, adoption was seamless. Captains no longer have to babysit the software to ensure a connection with shore, and a picking list of options ensure all language transmitted from vessels is consistent, which allows for easy analysis and searchability.

Dispatch no longer has to copy and paste from log entries. Check boxes automatically verify which information gets deployed to customers and what stays internal. Reporting is also much quicker. Daily position reports on Blessey’s old system took 15 minutes to generate. Now they take mere seconds.