Tug Boats

Alyeska Pipeline Service Co.


Description: Owned by Alaska Pipeline, Alyeska came into being after the glaring lack of oil spill response was exposed after the Exxon Valdez disaster. Alyeska’s SERVS (Ship Escort Response Vessel System) department was set up specifically as an oil disaster response body, responsible for coordinating, training and managing fleets of fishing and tug boats across Alaska that are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice to assist in an oil spill cleanup.

Challenge: Alyeska required a database that could keep track of its 500+ registered vessels, vessel equipment, over 3,000 crew members (and their ongoing training), and could be accessed by multiple administrators in remote geographic locations throughout Alaska. They also required a system that could manage dispatch functions, coordinate vessel drills, and issue crew training notifications and invoice payments. They were relying on a Microsoft Access database to manage their entire system, which was actually intended for a small number of users on a Local Area Network (LAN).

The  Solution: Alyeska approached Helm because of the flexibility of our Helm Dispatch Manager™ module for Harbor Services, which fit most of the requirements they had of an oil spill response system. Where any gaps existed, Helm was willing and able to customize the application for their unique operations. The customized work could be accomplished quickly and easily through Helm’s Rapid Application Development (RAD) engine, which allows us to customize our software directly through the user interface.

Outcome: The oil spill response system Helm delivered to Alyeska is able to track all vessels, equipment, crew, crew training and all dispatch & invoicing functions. Helm also provided a hosted solution, run through a Citrix client, to Alyeska so that its remote users could log in through the web and access the system simultaneously instead of trying to manage a complex internal hosting situation.

"Any company in the tug and barge, spill response, and other related industries looking to upgrade their systems and processes need not look any further than Helm to help maximize their productivity and streamline their processes."
- Kelly Schactler,
 Alyeska Pipeline Service Co.

Through the efficiencies of Helm, Alyeska is able to easily manage their entire fleet, coordinate drills, ensure proper training & alerts, and issue accurate and punctual invoices and reduce the amount of time their administrators require to manage the data. All data is securely backed up, including a redundant copy of the Helm application, ensuring continuous operation, no matter what issue arises.