15 Nov 2018
Peter Rowand
Marketing and Business Development


“In organizational transformation, if you’re not focusing on culture you’re leaving tremendous potential on the table.”

Gregg Cochlan, President and Managing Director of The Pacific Institute Canada, was the keynote speaker for this year’s Helm Conference in Victoria, BC. He shared his valuable knowledge and experience with our attendees from the marine industry on organizational performance and the importance of culture.

Many of the Helm Conference attendees approached Gregg to get more insights from his vast pool of knowledge. To build on his content from the Conference, Gregg shared an article he wrote titled, “Culture Matters: Transformation of Culture from the Inside Out.”

Through the article, Gregg addresses the dynamic working environment and how organizations have to adapt to this environment by undergoing transformation processes. While organizations invest in various “change from the outside” such as strategic planning, structural changes, process improvement and technology solutions, Gregg suggests that these practices do not guarantee sustainable results. It is crucial for organizations to create adaptability at a cultural level and “change from the inside”, to ensure sustainable change.

Gregg highlights that individuals and teams possess more potential than they use and there are four cognitive barriers that come in between an individual’s potential and real performance. These barriers are Habits, Attitudes, Beliefs and Expectations (HABEs) which hold the individual or team back from adapting or achieving the desired objectives. These HABEs add up to the way the things are normally done within an organization or as referred by Gregg “the normal” in an organization.

Culture MattersRead the full article to learn more about the importance of culture and how The Pacific Institute helps to improve an organization’s culture.