16 Aug 2023
Trevor Atkinson
Marketing Coordinator

Welcome to Notable Boatables, our feature on interesting vessels around the world that are using Helm CONNECT. If you want to have your vessel featured, get in touch with us here!

Notable Boatables: The Superman

Introducing the Superman, the most powerful harbor tug in the SMS fleet. When the Superman is called over the VHF, it brings smiles of relief to everyone involved. Since SMS incorporated her into their fleet back in 2017, the Superman has proven to be a rock-steady performer with her impressive 77 tones bollard pull. Equipped with twin Caterpillar 3516 engines, each generating 2100 kW (4200 kW total), the Superman confidently pulls and safely moors even the largest vessels!

By Name and Nature: The Superman
By Name and Nature: The Superman

Impressed by the Superman? You’re not alone – this mighty harbor tug is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. We take pride in helping industry leaders like SMS leverage the potential of Helm CONNECT to optimize its fleet maintenance and operational longevity.

To carry out her operations effectively, The Superman relies on various Helm CONNECT products. SMS has notably equipped her with preventative and corrective maintenance tasks, inspections, and daily readings, all from Helm CONNECT Maintenance. These products work in harmony to ensure that the most powerful harbor tug maintains her title, job after job.

By Name and Nature: The Superman

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