15 Mar 2023
Kate Toporowski
Marketing Coordinator

Helm was recently invited to sit on the panel at the AWO (American Waterways Operators) Combined Regions Annual and Safety Meeting!

Paul Cyr, Manager of Partnerships at Helm, sat on the panel in Houston, TX where they discussed the future of training and how to design a program that caters to a multigenerational workforce. The panel was centered around four main topics; Orientation Training, Recruitment, Engagement, and CG and NTSB investigations. The panelists explored ways to improve Orientation Training, emphasizing the use of blended data. They also discussed the latest technologies that can be used to facilitate the recruitment process, making it easier for companies to attract and retain the best talent. Lastly, they considered some of the most effective techniques to keep employees engaged in the learning process.



Orientation Training

During the discussion, Paul built off of Moxie Media’s concept of “Blended Learning” and highlighted the significance of effectively managing blended data to prevent the accumulation of disparate data. Paul also outlined how Helm CONNECT is often utilized as a central location for customers to combine data, particularly for employee orientation and training documents. Our integration with Moxie Media’s Learning Management System (LMS) blends training data automatically with Helm CONNECT’s personnel tracking system. Learn more about Moxie’s LMS integrated with Helm CONNECT here.


Recruitment was a hot topic of discussion on the panel. Paul mentioned our recent partnership with 10ure, a cutting-edge maritime job board software that is transforming the way mariners seek employment. This collaboration enables us to connect with the younger generation of mariners, who are increasingly joining the industry. Research indicates that as digital natives, Gen Z prefers to search for jobs on their mobile devices, and with 10ure’s innovative technology, marine professionals can now easily find their ideal jobs right from their smartphones.

The integrated partnership between Helm and 10ure streamlines the hiring process, as selected applicants’ credentials can be seamlessly imported into our Helm credential management module.


During the panel discussion on engagement, the speakers highlighted the varying needs and preferences of different generations in regards to staying motivated and learning new skills. Paul mentioned that one of the ways we see our customers engaging crew is through the use of “gamification”. This is simply incorporating the elements of play (scores, competition, rules, etc.) in to the job. Measuring things like ontime completion and boat training performance can create a healthy competition among boats and crew, and provide ways for users to base incentives on objective stats.

We are thrilled to have been invited to speak on the panel at the AWO Combined Regions Annual and Safety Meeting. It was a pleasure to be part of the stimulating discussion around the future of training and design programs that cater to a multigenerational workforce. These discussions have brought to light new ideas and technologies that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of employee training and hiring processes. We enjoyed collaborating with our partners, and the maritime industry as a whole and look forward to the next AWO event!

See video below for the full panel discussion.