25 Feb 2020
Peter Rowand
Marketing and Business Development

Vessel tracking functionality in Hem CONNECT and ShipTracksDid you know that there is a function in Helm CONNECT available to every user that allows you to track your vessel location in one second or less? All you need is your vessel’s IMO or MMSI number to set up – it’s that easy! Lets take a took at how you can set up this feature in only six clicks.

Once you’ve collected either the IMO (default) or MMSI number (requires additional configuration to use), open Helm CONNECT and follow these steps.

  1. Click on the Management menu on the left side of the page
  2. Select the Assets tab under the Management menu
  3. Click on the vessel you’d like to track and you’ll be taken to its Asset Details page
  4. Select edit
  5. Click on either the IMO or MMSI number box, and enter your vessel’s number
  6. Click save and you’re done!

What to click in Helm CONNECT to track your vessel

A globe button will now appear on the asset card on the Assets tab. When you click on the globe, another browser tab will open and display ShipTracks, which will show you your vessel’s location and route data in real-time!

For Helm CONNECT Jobs subscribers, you can also access this information from two additional places in Helm CONNECT:

  • From the Jobs planner in Dispatch, on the Jobs menu, click the Resource icon to display the Vessel Details window, then click the IMO number
  • When adding a resource to an order on the Trips tab in Dispatch, click the name of the resource to display its location

Having this quick access to exact ship/resource positions helps you make more informed decisions about which resources to use on a job and how to best schedule your vessel operations.

Vessel location tracking in ShipTracks

This functionality is available to all Helm CONNECT users thanks to an integration with our partner ShipTracks. They use AIS mapping technology to provide real-time vessel position information, allowing you to run your business and assets more effectively and efficiently.

To learn more about our basic AIS integration in Helm CONNECT, or to see a demo of whats coming in the latest ShipTracks integration that is currently being developed, please contact your Account Manager.