14 Sep 2023
Rachel Aylard
Product Manager
What's New in Helm CONNECT 1.27

Here we go again with another new release full of features and improvements inspired by and suggested by you, our customers. Let me introduce you to Helm CONNECT 1.27.

My Helm

In Helm CONNECT 1.25, we introduced the new My Helm menu at the top of the menu bar. We’ve had great customer response to this handy crew dashboard, which only displays information relevant to the logged-in user and makes it easy for your crew to focus on the things they’re responsible for. In that first release, we rolled out a Work Rest tab for crew to manage their own work-rest data. In this release, we’re introducing two new tabs: Profile and Schedule.

Profile Tab

The new My Helm > Profile > Profile tab, available to all our customers, lets crew manage their personal profiles in Helm CONNECT. It’s the same type of information you find in Management > People but filtered only to show the personal information of the logged-in user.

What's New in Helm CONNECT 1.27?

The Profile tab contains the following sub-tabs:

  • Details: Manage your general information and employment details.

  • Certifications: Manage the certifications you need for your job. This sub-tab requires the People Certifications (formerly People Tracking) module.

  • Emergency Contacts: Manage your list of emergency contacts.

  • History: View your completed forms and renewed certifications. This sub-tab requires the Forms or People Certifications (formerly People Tracking) module.

  • LMS Integrations: View the courses you’ve completed through the Moxie Media Learning Management System (LMS). This sub-tab requires the free Moxie Media LMS integration.

Schedule Tab

For Helm CONNECT Personnel customers using the new Crew Scheduling module, the mobile-friendly My Helm > Schedule > Schedule tab let’s crew view their published schedule, including the asset and position to which they’re assigned and the dates and times they’re scheduled to crew on and off.

What New in Helm CONNECT 1.27?

Storage Locations

If you subscribe to Helm CONNECT Maintenance plus the Inventory module, you can now track your parts by their specific locations on your assets or in your warehouses and transfer parts from one location to another. We first launched inventory storage locations to interested customers as a pre-release feature in Version 1.25, but the early version didn’t yet integrate with all the inventory items in Helm CONNECT. Now, this full release connects storage locations to everything that could impact your inventory, including requisitions, tasks, forms, and checklists.

What's New in Helm CONNECT 1.27?

We added two new tabs under Setup > Parts to manage up to three types of storage:

  • Storage Types: You can customize the names of the default storage types (Zone, Shelf, and Bin) to better suit your company’s needs.

  • Storage Locations: Within each type of storage, you will then add labels to represent the locations themselves. For example, within the Shelf type, you might add labels called Shelf 1 and Shelf 2.

Manage Private Forms in Helm CONNECT

Our Helm CONNECT Compliance customers love how easy it is to manage their forms in Helm CONNECT but said they needed more options for controlling access to sensitive or personal information. Those customers will be happy to hear they can now manage all their forms in Helm CONNECT, even those that must be restricted to certain users. We’ve added the ability to limit forms to specific roles in order to create private forms and strictly manage who can see and edit the information contained in both in-progress and completed forms.

What's New in Helm CONNECT 1.27?

In addition, we added new Limited to Roles columns to the Form Template and Forms data sources to make it easy to report on the roles to which any forms and templates have been limited. We also added a new See All Forms permission under Sensitive Reports that controls who can see responses in reports based on the Forms data source. And finally, only logged-in users who meet at least one of the following conditions can now view responses in reports based on the Forms data source:

  • They have the Admin role.

  • They have one of the roles specified in the Limited to Roles field on the form template.

  • They were the person who filled in the form.

  • They have the new See All Forms permission in their role.

That’s it for now. Be sure to check out our release notes for more details about Helm CONNECT 1.27 and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest Helm news. Your account manager would also be happy to answer your questions about anything in this release or to set up a demo for you.

And remember, we’ll be showing off these great new features and so much more at Helm Conference in October. There’s still time to join us in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for supercharged training, impactful sessions from other users and technology partners, and a can’t-miss look at the future of Helm CONNECT. Hope to see you there!

Stay safe, everyone, and happy Helm-ing!

What's New in Helm CONNECT 1.27?