22 Jun 2023
Trevor Atkinson
Marketing Coordinator
Challenge the Certified Helm Administrator Exam

Are you a Helm CONNECT Maintenance or Compliance expert, or a veteran user that’s tight on time? We have exciting news for you – now there’s a quick and easy way to earn your Certified Helm CONNECT Administrator Certification!


Streamline Your Pathway to Certification

You’ve done the training, you’re a Helm CONNECT expert, and you’re ready to show us what you’ve got – time to challenge the exam!

Your first step is to reach out to one of our Implementation Specialists, they’ll provide you with a blank Helm CONNECT environment and your detailed exam scenario. Next, we’ll give you five business days to configure your environment and effectively complete the test, allowing you to manage your work schedule while you show us you’ve got what it takes to be a Helm Certified Administrator.

For the exam, you can expect to show the following skills:

  • Tenant configuration from scratch
  • System administration
  • Shoreside and onboard workflows
  • In-Helm CONNECT reporting


Challenge Versus Course

If you have the Helm CONNECT knowledge and experience, challenging the Certified Administrator exam can save you a ton of time, as the regular course includes 10 hours in the classroom. Plus, the cost to challenge the exam is just $250 USD, compared to the course price of $999 USD.

If you’re already Helm CONNECT savvy, challenging the exam is the most efficient way to get your certification!

However, if you’d like to ensure that your foundation is rock-solid, the Certified Administrator Course is a great way to shore up your Helm CONNECT knowledge under our watchful eye. You can learn more about that here.


Ready to Take the Leap?

Need more information on challenging the exam? Download our brochure.

Ready to showcase your Helm CONNECT expertise and further your career as a Helm CONNECT Certified Administrator? Sign up today!

Helm CONNECT Certified Administrator Exam