20 Sep 2017
Peter Rowand
Marketing and Business Development

Daphne, AL – Today, Safety and Compliance solutions provider, Tug and Barge Solutions (TBS), announced its new working arrangement with Helm Operations. The arrangement allows TBS to deliver its safety and compliance management program through Helm CONNECT for customers that elect to use an electronic system to manage their safety and compliance, particularly for Subchapter M. This integration of the two product lines allows for towing operators preparing for Subchapter M to experience a much smoother Towing Safety Management System (TSMS) implementation process with TBS, in addition to leveraging Helm CONNECT to provide significant cost savings related to Sub M’s record keeping requirements.

Patrick Boles, Managing Director of Tug and Barge Solutions, says that the working arrangement with Helm Operations gives Tug and Barge Solutions’ clients a real advantage over using paper-based systems, “We (TBS) chose to work with Helm [to deliver our compliance management] because their software is the best fit for our customers,” said Boles. “The flexibility of Helm CONNECT lets us easily tailor the system to our way of managing safety and compliance, plus the efficiency of using software instead of paper will net many benefits for our customers.”

The timing of this arrangement is notable, given that the final rule of 46 CFR Subchapter M officially began July 20th, 2016. By July 20th, 2018 all towing vessels required to have a COI issued from US Coast Guard must be in compliance with Subchapter M. Boles believes that his customers will greatly benefit from using Helm CONNECT to prove compliance with Subchapter M, “We see a lot of software in our business, and no one has anything quite like Helm CONNECT,” said Boles. “The software handles everything required by Subchapter M regulations and much more.”

Rodger Banister, VP of Marketing for Helm Operations
 echoed Boles sentiments, “It’s great to have Tug and Barge Solutions using Helm CONNECT to help their towing vessel customers who need to comply with Subchapter M,” said Banister. Banister also welcomed the arrangement because it gives towing vessel customers of TBS the ability to comply with Subchapter M and experience the benefits of software to manage their maintenance and compliance, “The incorrect impression many smaller operators have is that they’re too small to afford software, which just isn’t the case with Helm CONNECT,” said Banister.

Tug and Barge Solutions will offer Helm CONNECT as a package solution with its safety and vessel compliance management services.