02 Jun 2017
Peter Rowand
Marketing and Business Development

Tips From the Field

As part of designing and managing Helm CONNECT, the Product team conducts validation calls with existing customers and sales prospects. Often we are gathering more information about people’s problems or needs, or digging into the best way to improve a particular workflow or feature in the software. Recently, we did some product validation research on Helm CONNECT Forms, our forms management module. And we heard a great idea from one of our clients.

He had all his inspection checklists and maintenance routines set up in Helm CONNECT. But his crews need to carry a paper copy of the checklists on their rounds. Having the paper copy makes data collection easier and means they aren’t carrying tablets that can get damaged in tight or dirty spaces. When they get back to the computer, they enter the data into Helm. Having the paper copy look exactly like the computer screen helps the data entry process.

However, printing these copies was using a lot of paper. So our client laminated the paper copies and provided his crews with grease pencils. They record the inspection data on the laminated copy (which is also waterproof!). Once the crew member finishes entering the data into Helm CONNECT, they erase the laminated copy and it is ready for the next routine or checklist. A very simple but ingenious solution to support his crews and reducing paper use!