21 Aug 2023
Trevor Atkinson
Marketing Coordinator
Through the Spyglass: Barge Maintenance
Welcome to Through the Spyglass! In this series, we’ll be previewing some of the cutting-edge features coming to Helm CONNECT. Not only will you be getting an exclusive insight into what’s to come, but we’d also like to invite you to reach out and share with us what you think. This blog series will give you a look at what’s coming, but it’s your feedback that will truly drive the value of what we’re building, so don’t hesitate to reach out to your account manager!

*Development is always a work in progress and is not guaranteed for inclusion in future updates, as priorities and resources are subject to change.

As fleets grow larger and more complex, ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of vessels and attached assets becomes a critical task. That’s where Barge Maintenance steps in. This innovative feature, coming soon to the Helm CONNECT, empowers users to streamline barge maintenance processes, increase transparency, and enhance overall fleet management.

What is Barge Maintenance?

Barge Maintenance is a new feature that bridges the gap between vessel and barge management. Working seamlessly with existing maintenance workflows, Barge Maintenance introduces a powerful toolset that includes tasks, certifications, and checklists for barges. This ensures that maintenance data is not only centralized but also travels seamlessly with the attached barge. This data travels with the asset, creating a dynamic Attached Space. This provides transparency to both shore-based and onboard users, allowing them to effortlessly track maintenance data across the entire fleet. With this functionality, onboard and shore-based users gain unprecedented visibility into the maintenance and certification data of both primary assets and attached assets.

Attached Assets

Attached Assets introduces a new era of flexibility and control within fleet management. This feature provides users the ability to attach up to 50 barges to a single vessel, offering unparalleled visibility into the maintenance status of a vast fleet. Previously, offline/onboard visibility was limited to the primary asset, but with Attached Assets, you can ensure that every asset’s health and compliance is accurately tracked, even in an offline state.

Through the Spyglass: Barge Maintenance - Onboard
Through the Spyglass: Barge Maintenance

Barge Templates

Barge Templates is another cornerstone of the Barge Maintenance feature. This tool introduces a refreshed user interface that’s both intuitive and familiar to Helm CONNECT users. Now, managing routine maintenance across thousands of attached assets has become a possibility. Whether you’re managing a small fleet or a modern-day armada, Barge Templates are designed to handle fleets of all sizes.
Through the Spyglass: Barge Maintenance - Barge Templates

Advanced Search

With the introduction of Barge Maintenance, Advanced Search will be receiving some major upgrades. These upgrades will grant users the ability to query all maintenance and compliance data when and where they want. This upgraded Advanced Search tool has been engineered to accommodate even the most extensive fleet sizes, with lightning-fast query speeds and an abundance of new filters and columns. Queries that used to take ages now take mere seconds. With its user-centric design and comprehensive search capabilities, Advanced Search promises to be a vital asset for both new users and seasoned fleet managers.

Through the Spyglass: Barge Maintenance - Overview

Next Steps

Keep an eye out for Barge Maintenance on our social media channels or future blog posts. Better yet, speak with your account manager about joining our Barge Maintenance Beta!

What Do You Want to See in Helm CONNECT

That’s it for this Through the Spyglass! Do you have something you’d like to see within Barge Maintenance, or in another area of Helm CONNECT? Don’t hesitate to share your comments, questions, or concerns by contacting your account manager today. Until next time, happy Helm-ing!

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Through the Spyglass: Barge Maintenance - Contact