16 Nov 2023
Trevor Atkinson
Marketing Coordinator

Welcome to the Loading Dock—our round-up of the latest things we’re building in Helm CONNECT! Here’s what our team was up to in October, as we worked to bring you the best software in the maritime industry with all the tools you need to make your business successful.

See More of Your Data at Once

Based on valuable feedback and suggestions we received from our early adopters, we’re continuing to improve two of our pre-release features: the Management > Assets > Assets (Beta) tab and the Maintenance > Overview > Advanced Search (Beta) tab. Customers told us they love the clean, modern look and abundance of filtering options on these new tabs but want to see even more of their data at once. We’re introducing a more condensed layout for the list views on both tabs and the associated Attachments windows. Please get in touch with your account manager if you’d like to see a demo of the Assets (Beta) and Advanced Search (Beta) tabs or want to try them out for yourself.

Configure Time Zones With Ease

We’re also working on several changes to make it faster and easier to configure time zones:

  • Use the suggested time zone: In many cases, the time zone you need is the same as your web browser’s current time zone, so we’ll display it at the top of each list time zone list accompanied by a clock icon and the label “Browser” in brackets behind its name.

  • See more information at a glance: Until now, we’ve only displayed the locations and the offsets to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) in our Time Zone lists. To make it easier to know which time zones you’re looking at, we’re adding the more familiar and commonly used abbreviations for each time zone, such as PST for Pacific Standard Time.

  • Search for the time zone you need: Instead of just scrolling through a long list of available list of time zones, you’ll be able to search for the time zone you need by its location, its offset to UTC, or its abbreviation. If you’d still prefer to scroll, we made it easier by ordering the list of time zones by offset to UTC instead of by location.

Contact us today and learn more about these exciting new updates or for more information on what’s in development, be sure to check out our blog series, Through the Spyglass!

As always, these are items that we’ve worked on that are subject to change and may or may not be in the next version of Helm CONNECT

That brings this volume of the Loading Dock to a close! Thanks for reading and we’ll see you again next month. Happy Helm-ing!