02 May 2024
Paul Cyr
Manager of Partnerships

Staying on top of your operations while ensuring compliance can be a burden when things are busy. When the time comes for your SIRE inspections, the task of tracking, monitoring, and coordinating your inspection’s findings can quickly become a drag on the productivity of key resources. While a necessity for the industry, it begs the question: is there a more efficient way to deal with recurring SIRE inspections?

SIRE Streamlined

Eliminating Manual Data Entry With Helm CONNECT

Enter Helm CONNECT’s SIRE integration. Like all integrations, our aim is to make your life easier by providing impactful solutions to the maritime industry, which in this case is done by making your SIRE inspection processes a breeze.  We do this by seamlessly importing SIRE inspection results directly into Helm CONNECT, where each finding is transformed into a documented audit entry. By automatically importing these findings into Helm CONNECT, companies can save countless hours that are typically lost in manual data entry. Depending on your fleet size, you could completely transform your SIRE inspection process, with larger fleets saving hundreds of hours annually. This would allow your crew to maximize their productivity and efficiency with regular operational tasks, while still ensuring vessel safety and compliance with the OCIMF. 

From Inspection to Action

Using Helm CONNECT’s Audits Dashboard to Analyze and Act on SIRE Findings

Now that you’ve completed your SIRE inspection, with the findings automatically populated in Helm CONNECT, you might ask “what can I do with all this data?”. Helm CONNECT’s Audits Dashboard has the answer! The Audits Dashboard equips you with enhanced visibility and control over your SIRE findings through clear and informative visualizations. Imagine having access to a dashboard that highlights the top 10 findings of the year, offering insights based on assets, year-over-year trends, and even corrective action patterns. 

With this integration, you can go beyond just meeting OCIMF customer requirements and best practices; you can utilize the data gathered during SIRE inspections for optimizing crew and vessel performance, make informed decisions, and elevate the environmental standard of your company and the maritime industry as a whole. Not bad for something that also saves you time and reduces errors, right?

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